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CTECHi high quality sony lithium ion battery supplier for UAV

CTECHi high quality sony lithium ion battery supplier for UAV

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Product Information of CTECHi high quality sony lithium ion battery supplier for UAV
Product Details
Coin lithium manganese dioxide batteries are widely used, from quart watches and clocks, to the long-term reliability of the backup power supply to TPMS (tire warning monitoring system), IoT equipment and car keyless entry system within 10 years. Therefore, the market for coin lithium manganese oxide batteries is rapidly expanding. In this diversified electronics sector, Murata is developing and producing coin lithium manganese dioxide batteries from a new perspective: it is meeting market demand while accumulating data on battery discharge characteristics, long-term reliability and safety characteristics. The lithium metal used for the anode of the coin lithium manganese dioxide battery has a maximum capacitance per unit weight (3. 86 Ah / g in all materials available for the anode). Therefore, a battery having a high energy density can be produced. Moreover, by using different active materials as the cathode, batteries having different characteristics can be manufactured. Murata has commercialized a coin lithium manganese dioxide battery that uses manganese dioxide as an active cathode material for excellent stability.
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  • CR2477W 3V 1000mAh Primary Button Cell for Ocean Telemetering System discharge characteristics
Application Scope
CR2477W 3V 1000mAh Primary Button Cell characteristics: Lightweight, high voltage and high energy density. (The battery voltage is 3V, which is almost twice that of a normal alkaline or manganese battery. This means that the number of batteries required for the device can be halved to maximize space savings and weight.) Excellent discharge characteristics (Even if it is discharged for a long time, the voltage characteristics are kept stable, which greatly improves the reliability of the device using the battery. This equipment is also maintenance-free (very few batteries need to be replaced).) Excellent temperature characteristics (Murata's original organic electrolytes provide excellent properties in a wide range of temperatures from low to high.) -40 to +125 degrees Celsius (heat resistant), Excellent resistance (Leakage The newly developed battery structure and electrolyte ensure long-term maximum leakage resistance.) Excellent long-term reliability (Carefully selected active materials are used for the active materials and electrolytes. These materials are sealed using Murata's innovative technology to minimize battery self-discharge. The annual self-discharge rate at room temperature and normal humidity is less than 1% of the rated capacity.)
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  • CR2477W 3V 1000mAh Primary Button Cell for Ocean Telemetering System Digital electric contact pressure gauge
  • Primary Button Cell CR2477W 3V 1000mAh for gas meter
Company Advantages
1. CTECHi sony button batteries has to be tested by an independent test laboratory that must provide proof that the materials meet the requirements of the storage battery industry. The product is aimed at being friendly to the environment
2. The product is stable and reliable, therefore, people do not have to worry that there will be any leakage occurs if they use it properly. Its energy density is guaranteed by our advanced battery technology
3. The product has passed a number of quality standards testing and has been certified in various aspects, such as performance, service life and so on. It is manufactured in high efficiency which is backed by 13+ year experience
4. This product is superior to other products in performance and durability. It is highly spoken of by battery retailers and agents at home and abroad
5. Regular performance checks have been implemented to ensure the high performance and reliable quality of the product. It is of strong capacity and is easy to use

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Company Features
1. To meet with the product development needs, the expert R&D foundation has become a powerful technical support force for CTECHi Technology Co. Ltd.
2. Offering the highest quality of sony lithium ion battery is always our pursuing goal. Inquire now!
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