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CTECHi column br battery series for toy

CTECHi column br battery series for toy
  • CTECHi column br battery series for toy
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CTECHi column br battery series for toy

The product has the ability to accept very high currents. Its low internal impedance minimizes energy loss and heat generation. A free solution can be designed for the customer
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Product Details
The BR-C lithium cylindrical battery is one of the non-rechargeable lithium battery BR series batteries, with a voltage of 3V, which is twice that of a normal dry battery. At the same time, the capacity of this BR-C battery is 5000mAh, far exceeding the capacity of ordinary lithium batteries. Moreover, this battery discharge is very stable and long-lasting, and can be used normally in high temperature and low temperature environments.
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Application Scope
The BR-C type lithium battery has a very large capacity, and the discharge voltage is stable, and the self-discharge rate is very low, which is less than 2%. This can make this type of battery more durable and reliable, and the battery can be used in some products such as calculators, electronic components, medical instruments, cameras, smart home appliances.
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  • BR-C lithium battery can be used in electric toys
  • BR-C lithium battery can be used in motherboard
br battery description
The product features high efficiency of heat removal. The cell casing of this product is a good conductor and has a maximum surface area to maximize the heat transfer. Its sale is supported by 24h/7day online service
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PackageIndustrial Package
Warranty1 Years
PaymentPaypal/T.T/Western Union/DA/DP
ItemBR-C lithium battery
Voltage Nominal3V
Capacity Nominal5000mAh
Operating Temperature-40+85℃
It can be used under a wide temperature range. The product is 100% tested and inspected before delivery. It has the advantages of reasonable price, good stability, and high safety.
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The quality inspections of CTECHi br battery have been carried out. These inspections are mainly smoothness, splicing trace, cracks, anti-fouling ability, stability, and durability. This product has been fascinated by many customers in the Middle East, Europe, and the United state
CTECHi br battery is manufactured based upon the strict quality standards for furniture. It has been tested for appearance, physical and chemical properties, environmental performance, weather fastness. This product can be used with a single hose or double silicone hoses
In the manufacturing process of CTECHi br battery, a few stages have been covered. They are materials preparation (cleaning, cutting, and molding), graphic shaping, buffing, and edge & surface finishing. An additional blow-off valve is not required by this product
A series of performance tests have been carried out to check CTECHi primary lithium ion battery. They involve compression resistance, load-bearing capacity, tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and anti-bacterial resistance testing. Its threaded design makes the cleaning process a breeze
CTECHi primary lithium ion battery is of human-orientation design. It is designed considering sizing, breathability, seam technology, body proportion, comforts, and other factors directly contribute to wearing convenience. Adopting high-quality metal materials, this product is durable in use
This product can retain its original shape. During the processing, its fabrics are treated by various mechanical and/or thermal techniques to achieve dimensional stabilization. With a few components, it is light in weight
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