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by:CTECHi     2019-12-06
A coroner investigating the death of a baby in Melbourne is calling for a new law to fix the equipment inside the product.
Parents of a childyear-
Old Isabella Reese didn\'t realize she swallowed a button battery until she died in Sunshine Hospital in 2015.
This is the fourth time she has been admitted to hospital in three weeks, and although her parents are worried that she may have swallowed something, the medical staff has misdiagnosed the child and discharged her from the hospital.
Nevertheless, the coroner found that the hospital provided reasonable medical services. \"The non-
\"The specific nature of the symptoms after eating food makes diagnosis particularly difficult, especially in young children,\" she said . \".
But the coroner did advise Sunshine Hospital to make sure parents are aware that they may be raising concerns about medical care.
Outside of the hearing, the baby\'s mother, Alison Reese, issued a warning to other parents and said she believed that her daughter might be saved if a button battery was detected earlier.
\"You might think you\'re just a mom or dad, not a medical professional,\" she said . \".
The consumer watchdog estimates that 20 children arrive in Australia\'s emergency department each week by swallowing or inserting button batteries.
The coroner joined the Australian Competition and Consumer Council (ACCC)
For new laws that require the protection of button batteries in the product.
\"Their shiny and smooth surfaces make them attractive to children,\" she said . \".
\"While harmless when holding hands, they are extremely dangerous if ingested or inserted inside.
\"The court was told that the power of a button battery could continue to cause damage even after it was taken out.
Western Health, which runs Sunshine Hospital, said in a statement that it welcomes the coroner\'s findings that hospital staff provide Isabella with reasonable care.
\"Since Isabella\'s death, we have taken a series of measures to reduce the likelihood that such tragic events will happen again,\" the report said . \".
\"We will now proceed with the implementation of the specific proposals put forward by the coroner on Western health.
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