Components and characteristics of lithium battery pack industry chain

by:CTECHi     2021-07-15

I'm optimistic! The components of the lithium battery pack industry chain are leading the way. Seeing this title, are everyone stunned? How can the components of the lithium battery industry chain be the leader? Hahaha, don’t worry, the lithium battery industry belongs to the emerging industry of new energy and new materials. According to the production of lithium battery packs and their The status of the application, the composition of the lithium battery industry chain can be roughly divided into the following four parts.

1. Upstream industry-scarcity of resources

The upstream industry of lithium battery packs is mainly natural mineral resources, including Cobalt, nickel, manganese, phosphorus, iron, lithium and various compounds, among which cobalt and lithium are the most used, but they have limited reserves in nature and are scarce resources.

Second, the material link of the midstream industry-the core of research and development of new varieties

The second link of the lithium battery pack industry chain It belongs to the most core link in the lithium battery industry and determines the key to the advancement of lithium battery technology. It is composed of raw materials that constitute the battery core such as positive electrode material, diaphragm, electrolyte, conductive agent, binder, conductive agent, tabs, and aluminum-plastic composite film. Among them, the cathode material with the largest market capacity and higher added value is the cathode material, which accounts for about 30% of the cost of lithium batteries. Currently, the cathode materials that have been used in batches for lithium batteries mainly include lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganate, lithium nickelate, and cobalt. Lithium nickel manganese oxide and lithium iron phosphate.

Lithium iron phosphate materials are currently the most promising in the industry. Lithium iron phosphate battery packs are smaller in size and lighter in weight; long service life; good high temperature performance; fast charging; safe and stable ; Green environmental protection and no memory effect and so on. The future of lithium battery packs is promising, and the application of lithium battery packs in various fields is becoming more and more extensive.

3. The large-scale manufacturing link of the midstream industry-the center of implementing the brand strategy

The midstream link of the lithium battery industry chain is Cell manufacturing and PACK assembly. Relatively speaking, it is a labor-intensive large-scale manufacturing industry, and there are many domestic and foreign companies involved in this field. Especially with the obvious competitive advantages of large enterprises, it is difficult to shake the status of the industry. The overall industry is now mainly distributed in Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan. The common characteristics of midstream manufacturers are strong capital strength, high brand awareness, mature technology and technology, and the ability to produce various lithium battery packs.

Four. Downstream industries-unique scenery

The downstream of the lithium battery industry chain refers to the application links, including low-end Mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, power tools, miner’s lamp markets, mid-end wind power and solar energy storage markets, and high-end electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric scooters, electric wheelchairs, electric cars and electric buses. In the military and aerospace fields, such as tanks, submarines, rockets, lunar rover, etc., lithium battery packs are also very useful.

The market for electric bicycles and new energy vehicles is currently one of the most promising markets for lithium battery applications. At present, many domestic manufacturers are actively investing in the construction of battery production lines. Automobile giants including China are almost unanimously optimistic about lithium batteries, especially lithium iron phosphate batteries.

The above are the components of the lithium battery pack industry chain. They each have their own characteristics and responsible functions, and they are indispensable. If you have different views or opinions, please leave a message in the message board of the website and discuss lithium battery packs with the editor! I am waiting for your arrival at any time.

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