Commercialization of semi-solid lithium batteries

by:CTECHi     2021-08-13

24M, a semi-solid battery research and development company headquartered in Massachusetts, recently announced that it has delivered a high-energy density semi-solid lithium battery that can be used for commercial purposes to an undisclosed partner for the first time. It is understood that the energy density of this batch of semi-solid batteries exceeds 280Wh/kg, which is more than 10% higher than the most advanced battery that can reach an energy density of 250Wh/kg.

However, 24M’s expectations for semi-solid lithium batteries are much higher than the current achievements. The company believes that the energy density of semi-solid lithium batteries can reach 350Wh/ kg, even has the potential to exceed 400Wh/kg.

Semi-solid battery means that the electrode on either side of the battery does not contain liquid electrolyte, and the electrode on the other side contains liquid electrolyte. Or the mass or volume of the solid electrolyte in the monomer accounts for half of the ratio of the total mass or volume of the electrolyte in the monomer. The semi-solid battery produced by '24M' is a new type of battery developed by Dr. Jiang Yeming while he was teaching at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States. It is said that this semi-solid lithium battery can deliver 10 times the electricity per unit volume, and the cost is 10 times that of current batteries. Only one-third of current lithium batteries. Its high-efficiency performance has therefore been favored by capital. We previously reported that 24M received US$21.8 million (approximately 150 million yuan) in Series D financing at the end of last year. This round of financing was led by two Japanese corporate giants Kyocera Group and Itochu Corporation.

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