Coin Cell Shrink Wrap Battery Pack

by:CTECHi     2019-12-16
I am a huge fan of the CR2032 \"coin battery\" battery.
They provide more than 3 volts of electricity in a very compact size.
You can insert one into a small bracket and then connect the lead as needed.
But what if you need more than three volts?
You can connect several brackets in series, but the size adds up, negating an important benefit of these batteries. My solution? Shrink wrap!
You need a coin battery, a wire and a fairly large shrink package.
I used this package from Amazon * and it works fine, but of course there are other packages as well.
* Affiliate linkCut your shrink package is a little smaller than your battery, then insert them and heat them with a hot gun or other source.
See it quickly shrink in place as shown in the video
Sports are quite satisfactory.
Generously strip the two wires and then wrap the bare wires around for insulation several times in order to form a good connection with the battery.
Slide the wire into the shrink package and test to make sure the voltage is correct.
Apply more heat as needed.
Connect the wires permanently with hot glue and remove anything extra and you\'re finished!
You now have a very compact power supply that can give you 3 to 12 volts depending on the number of batteries you use, or even more.
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