Classification method of lithium battery protection board

by:CTECHi     2021-07-17

During the use of lithium batteries, overcharging, overdischarging and overcurrent will affect the service life and performance of the battery. In severe cases, it may cause the lithium battery to burn and explode. Therefore, each lithium battery must be equipped with a safety protection board, which is composed of a dedicated IC and several external components. It can effectively monitor and prevent damage to the battery through the protection loop, and prevent combustion and explosion caused by overcharge, overdischarge and short circuit. And other dangers.

Because every lithium-ion battery has to install a battery protection IC, the lithium battery protection IC market is astonishing, with a market of several billion dollars every year, and the market prospect is very broad.

The type of protection board is determined according to the way the lithium battery is used. It can be roughly divided into the following types:

1. Power tools Lithium battery protection board:

This type of protection board is mainly used on the battery packs of our electric vehicles, as well as on the recently emerging electric vehicles. This type of protection board generally allows the load to pass current It is relatively large, which can ensure that the output and input current of the power tool are kept in a reasonable range.

2. Lithium battery protection board for electronic products:

Some people may wonder why the camera is listed separately as the protection board? People who use the camera frequently know that the camera needs a stable current to work normally, and the stability of the current is relatively high. Therefore, there are lithium battery protection boards specially produced for cameras on the market. This type of protection board is often aimed at Strong sex, suitable for a certain kind of product.

3. One to four strings of energy storage type protection board:

This type of protection board is suitable for some small electronic devices, such as our mobile phones, computers, cameras, etc. Various types of protection boards have a wide range of applications. Almost all of our small electronic products use this type of protection boards.

4. Power-type lithium battery protection board

Power-type refers to some large-scale equipment with relatively large volume and relatively complex structure. After all, the cost of large-scale equipment is relatively speaking. Very high, so the current protection value of this protection board is very accurate, and the allowable output and input value of the voltage is about ±0.03, and different large-scale equipment will have a slight deviation.

It can also be classified from the following aspects:

1. From the point of charge and discharge protection performance: single protection is divided into two types: charge protection and discharge protection, and there is only one type of dual protection ; 

2. Different points from the number of cells and battery packs:

A. A string of N parallel: such as two cells in parallel, three in parallel, to N, reality There are rarely more than five in parallel;

B. Multiple series: such as two strings with operating voltage 7V/2V-for DVD with display, such as multiple strings and multiple parallel-for portable Computer (three strings, two parallel and six batteries).

3. Different original devices should be added from the work: different control IC chips, different currents, different temperatures, different working voltages (highest and lowest);   

4. The board of the protection board is divided into: hard board (commonly used), soft board, single-layer board, multi-layer board, double-sided board, if combined, more;   

5. The position of the positive and negative metal pieces on the board And how much.

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