CISF spells out rules for batteries in hand bags of flyers

by:CTECHi     2019-12-10
As airlines increasingly \"recommend\" large personal electronic devices (PED)
The Central Industrial Security forces, like laptops and batteries, are placed in hand bags and are not checked in (CISF)
Its rules have been clarified.
CISF chief OP Singh told TOI: \"Battery is allowed in hand luggage if the battery is dry. (While)
No restrictions (
On the number of batteries in the bag, the number taken should be enough to meet the needs of the equipment. (Like)
If a camera has four batteries, four batteries are allowed.
He added that the agency
Responsible for hand luggage inspection and passenger search at India airport
Under normal circumstances, one or two more batteries can be brought.
\"For laptops, security guards at the airport usually allow an extra battery,\" said Singh, a senior IPS official who will be receiving police.
It is clear that in terms of quantity, the agency wants to allow the placement of PEDs and batteries in hand bags that can be used by individuals.
The airline also shared that view.
A senior official from a major Indian airline told TOI: \"The number of PEDs in hand bags should be used by individuals.
CISF determines the quantity when checking.
It\'s like a flyer carrying a bag full of batteries, then it\'s definitely going to be suspicious.
International Air Transport Association, last October (IATA)
I decided to limit passengers and crew to carry more than 15 PEDs, up to 20 spare batteries, from January 1, 2018.
The statement by the International Air Transport Association to issue this new rule cites the words of its assistant director (safety)
Dave Brennan says these restrictions are necessary to minimize the risk of too many lithium batteries on board.
\"When we fly, a lot of us have a laptop, a tablet, a mobile phone, or even two phones, which is very reasonable.
But what we see is people flying around the world.
They can buy PEDs very cheaply there.
They may buy 20 or more devices.
They might think, \'I will keep one, sell the other \'.
To this end ,(it was)
Decided to apply for restrictions.
\"For example, there may be a passenger with a hearing aid who needs to carry a pack of spare button batteries.
These will not pose significant risks at all . . . . . . Another example is the camera staff who need to move with more spare batteries.
We think this is reasonable.
But what we\'re trying to do is suppress people who buy several PEDs at the other end of the journey, \"IATA said in a statement.
These restrictions are due to the increasing number of batteries on fire in PEDs.
If this happens on PED in the cabin, smoke can be noted and immediate action is taken to deal with the situation.
On the other hand, a fire with PED or spare batteries stored in the cargo hold could lead to catastrophic consequences.
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