Chord Hugo2 Is A DAC Without Compromise With Superb Sound... But Be Prepared To Dig Deep

by:CTECHi     2019-12-24
How much are you going to pay for the digital to analog converter (DAC)
Or a headphone amp so you can play enthusiast music on the go?
This is a hot issue in the circle of enthusiasts. some of them will pay huge amounts of money to extract the maximum amount of information from digital music files and then shape it into a series of analog waveforms, we humans hear these waveforms as sweet music.
British electronics company Chord electronics has a good track record in producing some incredible dac and headphone amps that can make CDs or digital files sound close to the warmth of a great analog source.
We reviewed the Mojo that Chord launched in 2016 and concluded that it is also an excellent kit and portable kit as it contains a rechargeable battery, no matter where you are, however, when connected to two CD players, it is strong enough to inject new life into the old CD player
Home audio equipment-up.
Chord Electronicshas has now released the second iteration of the product, Hugo O2.
Hugo O2 is slightly smaller than its predecessor, and a bit quirky in design and operation.
With regard to the size of the first generation MiniDisc player, Hugo2 does not look like other DAC on the market, and although chord Electronics describes it as portable, it is indeed an extension.
I think it\'s more likely that people will be using Hugo O2 on static home audio systems.
At one end of the Hugo O2, there are two micro
USB input, one for power supply and the other for digital USB input. I think USB-
C will be a better and stronger option, but maybe that will have to wait for hugo3.
Like its predecessor, Hugo O2 includes a rechargeable battery, and this new version can provide up to seven hours of playing time between charges.
I call Hugo O2 a DAC, but it\'s actually a FGPA (
Field Programmable Array)
This is basically a chip that can be programmed as a multi-functional DAC through some very clever software.
Most DACs use off-the-
The third shelf chip.
Party vendor, butChord Electronics, has created its own custom software to program the chips with, which is why the voice of the Hugo O2 is formed in such an attractive way.
At the other end of the aluminum milling box of the Hugo O2 is 3. 5mm and 6.
35mm headphone jack powered by built-in interface
Class A amplifier
There are also two RCA phono plugs for connecting the Hugo O2 to the analog stereo amp in the home audio settings.
In terms of digital input, USB ports and 3 have been mentioned.
5mm coaxial input, full
SPDIF optical port size.
These are ideal for connecting any sound source with an optical or coaxial digital output.
Hugo O2 can certainly inject new life into it by connecting the old CD player with a cable.
In the center of this most unusual panel
It looks like there\'s a round glass lens that reveals a part of the Hugo O2 circuit board, and there\'s a little bit more
The color LED on the board flashes to show the type of decoding file for the device.
Some controls have been carved at the input of the Hugo O2, which can best be described as frosted marbles.
These buttons can be illuminated in different colors depending on the settings or status of each button.
The first marble is the power switch, which will show a different color depending on the amount of charge built inin lithium-ion battery.
The second marble selects the input source of hugo2, which simply switches through all the input ports of USB, optics, and coaxial.
The third marble mark X-PHD.
This is the cross feed control seen in the first edition of Hugo, and its purpose is to present a sound that imitates listening through traditional speakers when using headphones.
There are four settings: turn off, minimum, medium and maximum, it is best to loop through which sound is the best in settings.
We recently reviewed the new Mackintosh MHA50 headphone amp.
The fourth marble or button applies one of the four frequencies
Shape the filter of the sound by changing the theme.
It\'s best not to pay too much attention to the description of the filter, just switch various settings to see which one best fits the features of the headset (if any ).
There is no big difference in the filter, but it is worth a try.
At the top of the Hugo O2 is a slightly larger frosted marble that can scroll back and forth as a volume control.
It also changes the color when you increase the volume or turn it down.
There is no doubt that, in terms of design, it is a quirky device and it is a very popular flavor.
People either like it or hate it.
Fortunately, Chord Electronics also provides a traditional infrared remote control for Hugo O2, which makes it easier to use the device without having to remember what all these colored marbles do.
So, what device can you connect Hugo O2? The full-
The size of the TOSLink optical digital input can handle audio up to 24-bit/192 kHz while 3.
The 5mm coaxial input can bring things to 24-bit/384 kHz.
Finally, there are micro
The USB input port handles digital streams up to 32-bit/768 kHz and dsd512.
There\'s actually nothing that can\'t be handled by Hugo O2.
For those who like wireless, aptX Bluetooth also has an input setting, but there is no aptX HD yet.
The voice of Hugo O2 is undeniable sacred because of how it can provide warm, humane performances, but without losing any punk that digital music can be good.
Separate things like kick drums, bass, rhythm guitar, etc, and almost anything with Beats is the strength of Hugo O2.
It brings the perfect time for the party, the better the source, the better the effect of Hugo O2 shaping music.
Even connecting to my iPhone at a relatively low speedquality AAC-
Coded music files, music seems to sound better.
Even if I tested it in Bluetooth mode, the Hugo O2 really went to the plate and made some divine sounds.
Conclusion: chord Hugo O2 is an unusual device in design.
I can\'t say I\'m mad at all of these lights, but thankfully there is a setting that will reduce the brightness a little, even though I prefer to see a turn off buttonroom listening.
However, once you \'ve listened to Hugo O2, you\'ll understand that this device does wonderful things to digital music and makes the most of every signal sent to it.
There\'s nothing it can\'t handle, and thanks to the rechargeable battery you can even take it out for a walk.
If you want a DAC or headphone amp that can handle anything, anywhere, and any file, and you have enough cash to spare, then the chord Hugo O2 is an excellent option, created sublime music from 1 and 0.
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