China's solid-state lithium battery achieves mass production

by:CTECHi     2021-08-20

The battery pack with the thickness of the fingernail cover can still be supplied normally without exploding after being cut; bend 10,000 times, and the battery capacity attenuation will not exceed 5%; after acupuncture, the water will not burn or explode...high energy storage, The appearance of solid-state lithium batteries with significantly improved safety shocked people in the battery industry.

On the 19th, in Suzhou Qingtao New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., located in Kunshan, Jiangsu, a solid-state lithium battery production line with a daily production of 10,000 solid-state batteries was officially put into operation. The battery energy density It can reach more than 400Wh, and the products will be mainly used in special power supply, high-end digital and other fields.

As the 'heart' of new energy vehicles, power batteries will undoubtedly determine the future of new energy vehicles. According to incomplete statistics, China's power lithium battery shipments in 2017 were 39.2GWh, a year-on-year increase of 28.5%. Industry insiders predict that a compound growth rate of more than 25% will be maintained by 2030.

If buses, airplanes, and ships also use battery power in the future, more power will be needed, and the current evolution of water-based lithium batteries is slowing down, so , Plastic solid-state batteries have become the development direction of the next generation of lithium batteries, including Toyota, Toshiba, Apple, as well as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and other internationally renowned companies have their layout in this field.

Suzhou Qingtao New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., founded by the team of Nancewen Academician of Tsinghua University, is one of the earliest teams in China to develop all-solid-state lithium battery technology. Focusing on the research and development of solid-state lithium batteries, the company has declared nearly 100 patents, which have overcome a series of problems such as mass production of solid electrolyte materials, solid electrolyte membrane forming technology, composite positive and negative electrode formulation technology, and solid-solid interface between the pole piece and the electrolyte membrane. , Successfully realized the industrialization of Ru0026D achievements such as oxide solid electrolyte materials and functional ion conductor ceramic composite diaphragms.

Chinese Academy of Sciences academician Nan Cewen believes that solid-state lithium batteries have stronger driving force and greater energy reserves, which can achieve faster charging and longer duration. At the same time, because the solid electrolyte is non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-volatile, and non-leakage, it will not catch fire even at high temperatures, so it is safer. Cars equipped with all-solid-state lithium batteries will greatly reduce the probability of spontaneous combustion.

The solid-state lithium battery production line capable of producing 10,000 solid-state batteries per day was officially put into operation, and a complete independent intellectual property system has been constructed to form a 'new energy material-solid-state energy storage technology -' Automation equipment-comprehensive utilization of battery resources-scientific research results incubation-industrial investment' industrial ecological chain. Photo by Huang Ying

According to the introduction, the first production line currently mass-produced mainly produces high-energy density solid-state lithium-ion batteries, large-capacity flexible solid-state batteries, and high-safety solid-state batteries. Another 6 production lines are in preparation, and strive to meet the needs of car companies in terms of power batteries in 2020.

'The mass production of solid-state lithium batteries has established a new energy material-solid-state energy storage technology-automation equipment-comprehensive utilization of battery resources-scientific research results incubation-industrial investment. The industrial ecological chain provides a new path to improve the energy storage of lithium batteries, helps promote the development of lithium batteries to miniaturization, miniaturization, and flexibility, and redefines the form of lithium batteries, breaking the traditional square or cylindrical form In the future, it can be made into parts of any shape to improve the efficiency of space use.” said Li Zheng, general manager of Suzhou Qingtao New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

At the beginning of this month, the Nancewen academician team was awarded the first batch of Kunshan 'Head Goose Talents' and team, and was awarded 100 million yuan in project funding by the local government.

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