Chevrolet Volt Hits Road, Ahead of Schedule

by:CTECHi     2019-11-27
Chevrolet Volt came out.
It\'s not a concept car, it\'s not a test mule (
On the body of Chevrolet Cruze).
This time is true. Well, sort of.
Volt\'s chief engineer, Andrew Farah, launched the first pre-production model in Warren, Michigan on Tuesday.
He wrote him in G. M. Fastlane blog.
As expected, there\'s a lot of rah-rah-sis-boom-Barry\'s. Mr.
Farah did not say much about the progress of the test drive.
But he described the pre-production process that Volt is currently working on: these vehicles are pre-produced by our
Production Operations (PPO)
Warren\'s organization
Birth place of all GM.
Cars and trucks in North America.
We are producing a few volts per week now, but we will soon increase to 10 volts per week and about 80 pre-production vehicles by October.
Most of these vehicles will be used to test and verify the design of the production intent, as well as to develop the final vehicle software and control --
We will also use them to adjust the overall driving experience of the vehicle.
Some of these Volts have a very short life span as they will be used for safety and structural integrity testing. G. M.
Expansion of required voltage
Because its electric car is driven by lithium.
Ion battery pack up to 40 miles.
After that, the gas engine charges the battery to keep the motor running. When G. M.
Filing for bankruptcy earlier this month, questions were raised about whether the company was able to comply with the schedule previously set for Volt. G. M.
Volt has been scheduled for release by the end of next year. Mr.
Farah, he will have a live chat at 4: 00 on Thursday night. m.
Volt is about two weeks ahead of schedule, he said.
\"We have found some small adjustments that we need to make, but there is nothing unusual at this stage of development,\" he said . \".
Comments are no longer accepted. . . . . . . 40 miles long.
Whenever I hear the manufacturer say \". . . I began to worry.
This usually means what some professional test drivers are able to achieve under ideal conditions, and of course, as we know, \"personal results may vary.
Instead of \". . . 40 miles long.
\"I want to know the actual single --
Charging range under typical driving conditions.
What kind of car does an ordinary person drive when parking? and-
There are several electric vehicles.
Power equipment such as sound system and air conditioner is turned on
Air conditioning, headlights or heaters and defrost in winter.
So instead of saying \". . . 40 miles long.
\"How to tell us the range of expectations in typical real situations
World conditions.
Sheetmetal looks like a Cobalt car with a cobalt hatchback tail.
Smells like a close relative.
Perhaps GM should do more research on a bold new look.
I would like the drive system to be more revolutionary, but the design will require more than just adjustments.
If it goes south, at least GM can dictate to the battery maker.
Why don\'t they cover it on the canvas or draw it with some twisted geometry
Is the production mode on the road?
Usually, they will worry about industrial espionage or freelance photographers getting exclusive news, but not this time.
I agree that #1-\"Max\" is a very worrying phrase.
I hope they will be more sure how many miles you will get once it\'s actually released.
Excited about the new volt.
Anything with a battery is a huge step forward for GM.
Please don\'t make it look or drive something like plastic Prius.
Read this article with an open mind to the new GM and the new Chevrolet Volt.
But what did I see?
A car that doesn\'t look more like a Toyota Prius, the performance statement is neither possible nor obviously better than what is already on the market.
Don\'t get me wrong, I believe the restructuring of GM is important and necessary-but it looks like a disaster.
They should not believe in their advertising campaign to promote innovation-they should provide some.
This is almost a joke.
GM\'s genius uses NiMH batteries to charge an EV1 range of nearly 150 miles at a time.
Here is the testimony of a driver: \"The total mileage of charging once a day: 146 miles, with 1 bar/5 miles left.
\"The same genius sold the NiMH battery patent to Chevron, which locked it.
It is reported that the NiMH battery life range of Toyota Rav4 electric vehicle is about 150 miles.
If our government really wants to bring about an electric vehicle revolution, it will force Chevron to provide NiMH batteries for electric vehicles.
Explain to me the advantages of volt over my new Prius.
What is the new technology used by Volt that my Prius does not have?
Blue Flame: There are all kinds of \"typical\" driving.
Based on my experience in electric cars, you will get the best first --
The charging range is stable at 30 to 35 mph
This is how I go to work. most of the time, it\'s four to six.
Beautiful Boulevard.
Time was tight so I only stopped a few times on my commute.
I am confident that Volt will let me work and come back without burning gas. Slow stop-and-
Go, like having kids Go to school and then shopping nearby, is also a great work cycle for the electric car that Regen brakes.
In the initial \"up to 40\" mileage, you will lose the advantage in the case of heavy traffic on the highway, you will sprint to 65 miles/hour, then suddenly slow down, and then accelerate again, enter the city all the way.
If this is typical for you, take the train.
Requirements for quality and functionality prior to commercial release usually end with past fantasies after release and before the customer actually uses it.
We also need to see how the environment works.
It is contrary to the manufacturer\'s promise.
Even in difficult times, it is appreciated that GM is trying to get this out.
\"Explain to me the advantages of volt over my new Prius.
\"The main difference is that in Volt the wheels are not mechanically driven.
Volt is a real \"series-
And Prius is a \"parallel mix\"hybrid. ”(Diesel-
Electric locomotives are also series-hybrids. )
In Volt, the power always comes from the motor on the wheel, which will get power from the large battery.
In \". . . The internal combustion engine will start after 40 miles, but its only function is to turn the generator to keep the battery charged.
There is no direct mechanical connection between the internal combustion engine and the drive wheel.
Prius is more complex and requires complex gear sets, sensors and coupling so that both the motor and the internal combustion engine can be connected directly to the drive wheel.
In theory, Volt is not complicated and should be cheaper than Prius. (
But don\'t hold your breath in terms of cost.
Volt may enter at $40. 45k. )
I am not interested in the design and performance requirements of this overpriced dog.
It looks like a Co that is bred with Saturn and should be strangled at birth.
GM just doesn\'t have the right design concept.
In fact, it is no better than the average toyiota prius who perform better, record well, and are much cheaper.
As for performance-\"Max\" may mean drag
Rope and downwind.
How long can these batteries last and how much will they be replaced?
There are too many problems to consider, except the vaporizer.
Volt is a plug. in hybrid.
You can charge in the garage. -jonPre-Production?
What is before this: pre-pre-production? What nonsense.
Obviously, too many old GMers still at GM are still playing the same old game: PR, what they are trying to push, PR against everything else.
Wake me up when there\'s some reality.
To be clear, as a \"big auto country \"(
But no fans of GM)
For those who are confused about voltage . . . . . . It is very different from any existing hybrid vehicle, such as Laer\'s Prius, because its power system relies entirely on electricity.
The engine will not drive the wheels like every hybrid currently made (
That is, on a car like Prius, you can use the battery at a certain point, and then the engine starts to move the car.
If your battery is low, it will charge by braking (
Regenerative braking))
The car will run entirely on gasoline before the battery is charged.
In urban driving, stopping/stopping the cycle can keep the battery charged . . . . . . But in the long highway driving, there is no brake to charge the battery, and the car runs the same way as any small car with an engine . . . . . . Gasoline 100%.
That\'s why the current hybrid gets a better MPG rating in urban driving and a lower rating on the highway-the opposite of the average car.
These types of hybrids increase gasoline mileage by keeping the engine shut down during the maximum fuel period
Minimum mileage section for use/daily driving-accelerate from stop.
Volt has a small engine but it is not connected to the wheel . . . . . . It only runs for charging the battery (
Or continue charging).
So if you leave your house and drive to the city center for 20 miles, you will use a zero gasoline battery.
This is not correct for Prius or any other current hybrid.
Take it as a whole.
Electric car with generator power under the hood, not the engine, you have a better idea.
Hopefully this helps clarify some people.
Still, you can\'t catch me at voltage.
I now insist on using high mpg, efficient diesel.
I say all the people who have negative thoughts about Detroit, no matter what they are trying to achieve, move to Japan.
It\'s crazy to compare everything to Toyota Prius, the ugliest thing a car company has ever had, in fact, Toyota is known for making ugly cars, but it\'s popular,
I want to know the taste of today, the victory of mediocrity.
I love Chevrolet, Corvette, Cadillac, Buick, GMC.
Pontiac, Ford, Mercury, Lincoln, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, desotus, Oldsmobile, packaging, dosenberg, ropes, student Baker, Ober.
I\'m sure I\'m missing some of the others, and yes, the history of old car manufacturing in the US is good. Not Japan.
The Volt concept car will only be sold on look.
The car in the photo above is simply ugly.
They should put the Volt\'s mechanics in the Chevrolet Malibu (
A nice car).
GM has been hyping the car so much that anything that is not perfect will be seen as disappointment.
Same money, you can go through the new
Ford hybrid.
Car artists must be aware that aerodynamic efficiency does not meet the styling requirements they are used.
V looks good.
Knowing that GM is asking the government for money to buy such a car instead of paying for the snake oil salesman on Wall Street, don\'t we feel better?
In addition, please note that Honda is worried about walking on the complex ground driven by Toyota, insisting on a simpler Integrated Motor Assist.
Take this to the next floor. Very cool.
I was skeptical about #7\'s claim, but then went through an article on Wikipedia about the patent burden on large car batteries. read it.
You should at least think about it. //en. wikipedia.
Org/wiki/patent_encumbrance_of_large_automotive_nim_batteries (
Scroll right for the entire url)
#7 has a good point. Thanks.
Desertstraw, EV1 incompletesize car.
It doesn\'t make sense to compare it to the voltage, otherwise pretend to be stupid.
Style, appearance, appearance. C’mon, quit it!
What we need is practical transportation, not lures.
The car should have run well and won\'t break down.
No pollution when the battery runs out.
The difference between Lael-Volt and Prius is that your Prius is mainly powered by gas, and Volt is mainly powered by electricity.
Your Prius gasoline mileage has some help from the power stored in the small battery that is charged by braking, while Volt is mainly powered by electricity and stored in a larger battery, by plugging it into the outlet of the garage for charging, the gas helps when it is out of its electrical range.
Most Americans drive no more than 25 miles a day on average, so even in the real world, Volt is no more than 40 miles from the battery, and most drivers rarely need to fuel the tank.
So, the advantage of Volt is that it allows you to drive mainly by electricity, but you can still refuel it with natural gas if you need it.
The good thing about electricity is that it\'s cleaner than gasoline-whether it\'s air quality or global warming-and the price is much more stable and cheaper than gasoline (
Although you will lose a lot of cost advantage from the extra price of the car)
And it is mainly made in China.
For me, all this adds up to a much better alternative fuel car than any other option on the market today, at least any car that is close to affordable (
Tesla charges more than 200 miles but it is very expensive).
I still don\'t fully believe that they will eventually sell the car based solely on Detroit\'s history
On the vehicle-I\'ll trust it when I see it-but so far I haven\'t seen anything that makes people doubt about the technology.
So far, what they\'re talking about is the design that looks like a car that will really maximize electric driving while keeping the battery relatively small (
Compared with all electric vehicles)
And ease concerns about being able to travel long distances and needing to charge on the road (
Because you can fill it up with gasoline).
After years of old car technology, it was great to see GM do something innovative.
I hope they remember to improve in quality.
They have a reputation for making garbage, which needs to be overcome.
Not that bad for me.
In my opinion, its body style is a mix of Acura Integra and Chevrolet Malibu.
It runs away, can you plug things into your house?
So if the gas-
After 40 miles, the burn must start to charge the battery?
This is a step in the right direction.
Why are all haters?
How is Chevrolet going to sell this car?
In short, my opinion is that the media income of American families means that the target consumers can\'t afford it.
/Ozarkhomesteader. wordpress. com/ozark-homesteaders-reality-check/whats-wrong-with-the-chevy-
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