Chaoweiduo lithium battery project passed the appraisal

by:CTECHi     2021-07-22

Recently, five products including the lithium battery system for pure electric van transport vehicles, three-element long-cycle power lithium batteries, and high specific power 6-EVF-50 fast-charge batteries for express vehicles developed by Chaowei Group have been accepted by the province. All the on-site appraisals conducted by the first-level expert group passed the acceptance check and were unanimously affirmed by on-site experts.

Since the beginning of this year, for Chaowei, it has been a fruitful and rewarding scientific and technological achievement. Many high scores of talents, platforms, and projects have passed the review and acceptance of relevant departments, setting a record of the three 'highest' among industrial enterprises in the province.

The highest-level project

'Introduction and re-innovation industrialization of key technologies of lead-carbon energy storage batteries for wind and solar power generation'Long-life graphene-based lead-carbon super battery' and other two projects have passed the acceptance of Zhejiang Province's key scientific and technological research and development projects, and are the only companies in the industry that have passed the acceptance.

The highest-level team

Zhejiang province 'the first batch of Zhejiang province’s leading innovation team'——'Chaoweixin The “Energy Vehicle Power Battery System Innovation Team” is the first team in the province to pass the inspection.

The highest-level platform

The Group’s Provincial Key Enterprise Research Institute (Comprehensive Pilot of Pure Electric Vehicle Technology Innovation) and Zhejiang The Provincial Chemical Energy Storage Power Engineering Technology Research Center passed the acceptance, setting a new record in the industry in the province.

According to our understanding, during the acceptance process, the experts of the jury believed that, The new products developed by Chaowei make full use of artificial intelligence and big data, and make innovations. The advancement, service life and safety performance of the products have been greatly improved, and the technical level is at the domestic leading and international advanced level; Chaowei undertakes New breakthroughs have been made in mechanism construction, platform construction, personnel training, and scientific research innovation in the construction of the platform. Especially through the construction of the platform, Chaowei’s scientific research level has been further improved, and it has undertaken a large number of national and provincial scientific and technological innovation Projects, most of the results have reached the domestic leading and international advanced level, which has promoted the innovation and development of the enterprise.

The completion and conclusion of the three top-level 'most of the most' projects, and successfully passed The review and acceptance of relevant departments represents the major breakthroughs and fruitful results achieved by Chaowei's long-term practice of 'technology leadership'. As a leading technology benchmark enterprise in the industry, Chaowei has made every effort to play the 'technology and innovation' brand in recent years. Through large investment in research and development funds, building a top-level scientific research platform, and recruiting talents from around the world, we have built a core competitiveness for the world. Through technology and innovation, Chaowei has successively made major breakthroughs in many key technical and management problems , Ranks among the leading domestic and international advanced level, and has played an irreplaceable role in promoting the innovative development and transformation of enterprises.

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