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by:CTECHi     2020-01-21
San francisco-love all the electronics you want, but please, please, don\'t throw them in the trash when you run out of them.
This is a request from the lithium producer.
Ion batteries that usually power mobile phones, laptops and even electric tools.
They are thrown into the trash can and even the recycle bin, causing a fire in the trash can and recycling center.
Last year, 65% of the garbage facility fires in California started with lithium. ion batteries.
When one goes, others can also.
Carl Smith, call2cycle CEO and president, said: \"If there are multiple batteries, you will not only catch fire, but also explode,\" the national recycling program funded by the battery manufacturer.
This is such a big problem that California has launched an awareness-raising campaign to try to keep theseso-
Useful but potentially dangerous items in garbage trucks and landfill sites.
This is part of the country\'s efforts to prevent more and more ordinary batteries from causing fires.
These fires can be devastating.
Improperly throwing lithium in the parade
Ion batteries lead to five
A fire broke out at a recycling facility in Queens, New York City.
It burned for two days, and as smoke blew into the tracks, it closed four branches of Long Island railway road for hours.
In the same month, a recycling plant in Indianapolis Napoli was closed after the battery caught fire.
Last year, a lithium
The ion battery thrown into the garbage caused an explosion on a garbage truck in New York City, when workers compacted the garbage, lit the battery and detonated the battery. Lithium-
Kerchner says ion batteries exist in mobile phones, laptops, cameras and rechargeable power tools, even in the increasingly popular electric scooters of the past year.
They also power electric cars like Teslas and Chevrolet Bolts.
When it comes to life
The ion batteries in daily equipment, consumers tend to put them into recycling \"people who hope the end of the production line will eventually recycle them,\" said George Kashmir, executive director of the rechargeable batteries Association.
We used a lot.
2017, 0. 175 billion lithium-
Ion batteries are sold to the United States. S.
According to call2cycle, the market.
Problem with lithium-
Ion batteries are the same thing that makes them so great
They are small and light, but they still have a lot of energy impact.
These are the battery types that caught fire in the recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 s.
And many other models of Samsung and other phones that don\'t explode very often.
Even if they are already running out of your device, they still have enough charge on them and they can generate sparks if the terminal of the battery
Metal drill bits that send power from the battery to the device-
Something that touches metal, such as the side of a garbage truck.
This can turn off the circuit, resulting in a charge that can generate sparks.
\"Sparks can cause fire.
\"If it is in a recycling facility, mixed with paper and other burning items, it will increase as much as you don\'t believe,\" Smith said . \". \"These are high.
Energy batteries, no doubt.
\"They may be on fire if handled improperly,\" Kerchner said . \".
Recycling plans in some areas have special battery recycling.
For example, in San Francisco, on garbage day, you can put the batteries in a bag and put them on the top of the recycle bin, and the local garbage company will take them away for recycling.
Nationwide, lithium
Ion batteries can be recycled in all home warehouses, Lowes and Best Buy stores.
If you put them in the recycle bin, put them in a closed plastic bag so the battery doesn\'t touch the metal.
Ziplocbag or something like that works well, says Smith.
Do not put them in normal garbage that is usually crushed and crushed.
It can cause fire or even explosion.
One less ideal but possible solution, Smith said, would be to wrap wires or tape around the battery to cover the terminal so that it could not come into contact with the metal and thus close the circuit.
Please note that lithium
Unlike alkaline batteries, alkaline batteries are usually used in toys and other devices that do not require very small energyDense battery
Alkaline batteries can and should be recycled, but they don\'t carry too much charge, so there is a fire hazard.
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