can you trust the lithium-ion battery in your pocket?

by:CTECHi     2019-12-31
S. security regulator on Thursday ordered a nationwide recall of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.
Ion batteries are easy to catch fire and raise new doubts about the power supply in almost all smartphones, laptops and electric vehicles.
Mandatory recall, which makes it illegal to continue selling $900 (Rs.
India 59,900
The phone, causing a major blow to one of the world\'s largest smartphone manufacturers, has stopped consumers from buying one of the 1 million Galaxy Note 7 s sold in the United States right away. (
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Samsung said that since the release of August19, it has received 92 reports of overheating of mobile phone batteries in the United States, including 26 burns and 55 fire damage to property such as cars and garages.
Samsung tried to make a voluntary recall before the Consumer Product Safety committee took action.
The South Korean technology company has announced that consumers can trade in their Galaxy Note 7 phones.
The project will begin next week.
But safety regulators say that is not enough.
Committee Chairman Elliot Kaye told reporters on Thursday that the phones were described as \"a very serious fire hazard\"
The initiated recall was less successful in removing the product from the market. (
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Mobile analytics firm Apteligent noted that, nearly two weeks after Samsung\'s voluntary recall began, most owners of the phone continued to use it despite a drop in new sales.
The report on the phone\'s fire began a few days after a product was first sold, which was loved by many critics for its performance, including a big advantage --to-edge screen.
The new Samsung phone is seen as a challenger to rival Apple\'s new iPhone 7, which went public last Friday.
Even before the national recall, the US and European airline authorities concerned about the risk of fire urged passengers not to use the Galaxy Note 7 or charge for the flight.
Passengers were also told not to store their phones in checked baggage. (
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Reiterated the guidance on Thursday and warned to disable any apps that might inadvertently activate the phone, such as the alarm clock function.
\"Anyone who chooses to travel with recalled equipment must take preventive measures to ensure its safe handling,\" Australian Sports Minister Anthony Fox said in a statement.
Samsung said it had shipped the goods.
5 million of the Galaxy Note 7 s worldwide blamed the overheating problem on a small flaw in the mobile phone pouch --Battery style.
Rechargeable lithium
Because the ion battery has a considerable power density in a small space, it is favored by technology companies.
Samsung has touted its Galaxy Note 7 battery to provide impressive 9-hour power between charges.
But as we all know, the battery is prone to heat runaway
When the heat of a failed battery spreads to other batteries, it causes more overheating. (
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Researchers at Stanford University have an answer)
Samsung\'s recall followed suit.
Profile fire involving lithiumion batteries.
Earlier this year, 500,000 hoverboards and self
After months of battery fire reports, the balance scooter was recalled.
On 2013, after a battery fire broke out on two Tesla Model S electric vehicles, federal regulators conducted a brief investigation into the two vehicles.
Tesla\'s response is to add a more powerful body to protect the huge battery of the car.
The FAA briefly shut down the entire Boeing 787 after two batteries.
On 2013, there was a fire on the plane.
The battery in the aircraft auxiliary power unit is overheated.
The problem has been solved.
The plane continued to fly. Battery-
The relevant recall incidents often occur and are hardly noticed by most people.
Earlier this year, Panasonic recalled the CF-
S10 series laptops due to fire hazards.
The same goes for some of Sony\'s Vaiolaptops, as does some of Toshiba\'s laptops.
Other such recalls indicate how many devices have these batteries.
On 2014, BRP recalled some heated ski gloves because the battery was in danger of fire.
Ryobi cordless tool battery pack was recalled on 2013.
On 2011, GeoManGear bicycle lights were recalled.
The largest lithium
Ion battery recall involved 4.
1 million Dell laptops in 2006.
On YouTube, videos of customers opening the new Galaxy Note 7 were replaced by car videos that allegedly caused a fire on their overheated phones.
After Samsung\'s recall, the handset owner has two options: change the affected Note 7 handset to a new one or get a refund. (
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The US recall was carried out in cooperation with the governments of Mexico and Canada.
The recall was a good year for Samsung.
Earlier this year, Note 5, the predecessor of Note 7, was top-
Mobile phones are rated according to the US Consumer Satisfaction Index.
Sales of Samsung\'s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge helped the company achieve its highest profit in two years after a few quarters of slowing smartphone market growth.
This has put Samsung in a favorable position in the competition with Apple, and some experts believe that Samsung lost to companies that have been accused of copying its designs in the field of innovation.
Samsung\'s shares have fallen nearly 7% in the past week.
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