Can the lithium battery be used while charging? Will charging affect the life of the lithium battery?

by:CTECHi     2021-07-14

Many people have the habit of using their mobile phones while charging. For fear of delaying the call, they often use their mobile phones to charge. As everyone knows, if you don’t perform any phone operations when you turn on the phone and charge it, it will not affect the life of the phone. However, if you make calls, send text messages, download ring back tones, MMS, or play games online, it will cause harm to your mobile phone, people, and battery.

Can the lithium battery be used while charging?

According to the analysis of the lithium grid, the voltage of the mobile phone is higher than that of standby. The instantaneous voltage of the network will be many times higher than usual, which will easily damage the sensitive and complicated parts of the mobile phone, which will lead to frequent maintenance of the mobile phone. Secondly, the radiation during charging is also dozens of times higher than usual, which can cause damage to the human body. In addition, because the battery life is calculated according to the charge and discharge cycle, the number of charging directly affects the battery life of the mobile phone. If the power is repeatedly plugged and unplugged, the battery life will be reduced due to repeated charging and discharging. Therefore, when the mobile phone is charging when the mobile phone is turned on, the lithium grid recommends that you do not use the mobile phone while charging.

The harm that lithium batteries can be charged while charging

When the battery is charging, the charging voltage applied to both ends of the battery is higher than the terminal voltage of the battery, and the battery does not discharge. At this time, the battery runs in the circuit as a load, and the power supply for each component of the mobile phone is provided by the charger. Therefore, using the mobile phone while charging, theoretically, it will have an impact on the lithium battery.

What are the hazards of lithium batteries that can be charged while charging?

1. Overcharge: The charging time of the lithium battery is too long, and the charged power exceeds the rated capacity of the battery. Nowadays, mobile phones generally have a protection mechanism. After the battery is fully charged, the internal circuit of the mobile phone automatically disconnects the charging circuit. But it does not rule out that some inferior chargers or universal chargers are not designed with protection circuits. Therefore, when using a cradle or universal charger, there will be less damage to the lithium battery, please be careful.

2. Over-discharge: Usually the phone will automatically shut down when the battery is too low (due to the low battery voltage). But if you restart it, you will find that the phone is still available for use (battery voltage rises). Automatic shutdown is a protection mechanism for mobile phone batteries by manufacturers. Over-discharge of the battery will cause serious damage to the service life of the battery, so please charge it when the battery is too low. It is recommended to charge the battery when it is convenient to ensure that the battery has sufficient power. Some lithium battery users have this habit.

Three, over temperature: the battery temperature is too high will also affect the service life of the battery. The frequent discharge of the battery will generate heat, and the battery overheating during actual use is usually caused by this reason. Therefore, when playing large games or running other power-consuming programs, you need to pay attention to heat dissipation, and control the running time of the program to reduce the harm of lithium batteries.

Four, under-temperature: when the battery temperature is lower than 0 degrees Celsius, the lithium battery is not allowed to be charged, which will affect the lithium battery.

V. Overcurrent: Using an overpowered charger to charge the battery will cause damage to the battery. However, manufacturers now alarm when the charging current is too high. Of course, we don’t know whether the dock charger and universal charger have an alarm function. The most serious case of overcurrent is a short circuit. Short circuit may cause the battery to explode or burn, please do not try. Basically, in daily life, there are so many common factors that affect battery life. Good usage habits are of great help to prolonging the battery's use time and life. Regulate the use of lithium batteries to avoid risks. The above is the lithium battery can be used while charging? I hope it will be helpful to everyone about the common sense of whether charging will affect the life of the lithium battery.

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