Can the efficiency of the new lithium battery reach 100% even at 0°C?

by:CTECHi     2021-08-05

According to foreign media reports, electric vehicles are struggling in winter, and even electric vehicles launched by automakers cannot avoid this challenge. Sub-zero weather is one of such challenges for electric vehicles. In February 2019, the American Automobile Association (American Automobile Association) research found that compared with normal temperature, freezing temperature will reduce the car's range and fuel economy.

Freezing the temperature will slow down the battery in the process of absorbing lithium ions (which occurs when the battery is charging), resulting in a lower lithium ion capture rate, and the battery’s The capacity and cycle efficiency decrease. Tesla even told ModelS owners that in cold weather, because the battery is too cold, the energy stored in the car's battery may not be enough for the owner to use when driving.

Now, Australian graphite developer Talga Resources (TalgaResources) announced that it has produced a lithium-ion battery that can be frozen (0°C), Let the battery achieve 100% capacity and 100% cycle efficiency.

The mining company’s deposits are located in Sweden, and it is not only engaged in material extraction, but also production and testing of batteries. The company's flagship product is Talnode-C, and it has been very successful in the latest tests.

Although the Talnode-C battery will continue to be tested in the short term, the company intends to commercialize the battery in the near future. Although fierce competition among manufacturers has led to a continuous decline in the price of lithium metal, if competitors cannot keep up with the company's development, such batteries are very likely to generate a premium.

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