Can’t remove the lithium battery from your smart luggage? Consider it grounded.

by:CTECHi     2020-02-05
If you have smart luggage, you should test its intelligence as soon as possible.
Important IQ test
If you can take out its lithium battery
Airlines including the United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Delta, United Airlines and Southwest Airlines will no longer allow passengers to fly with smart bags equipped with non-removable lithium batteries on Monday.
Policy changes apply to inspection and carrying-
On the bag that needs lithium battery power
Technical features such as USB charging station and location tracker.
\"Customers traveling with smart bags must be able to remove the battery in case they have to check the bags at any time they travel,\" American Airlines said in a statement . \".
\"If the battery cannot be removed, the bag will not be allowed.
\"This provision stems from security issues.
Lithium metal and lithium ion/polymer batteries are prone to smoke, fire or even explosion.
From March 1991 to May 2017, the Federal Aviation Administration recorded 160 incidents in which lithium batteries were transported as goods or luggage.
The agency has banned passengers from checking spare lithium batteries and several lithium batteries for personal electronic devices and portable chargers
E-other electric items
Cigarettes and vape pens.
The FAA allows items in the cabin. (
For information on flying using hazardous materials, please refer to the FAA\'s packaging safety guidelines. )
The airline did not snub all its smart bags: it allowed luggage with removable batteries, but with some negligence.
Passengers checking the smart carrier must remove the battery and carry it with them. As carry-
The battery can be kept still under the FAA protocol, but must be turned off.
However, if a flight attendant decides
Check the bag and you have to remove the battery before the battery enters the belly of the aircraft.
Smart luggage is better than the beastof-burden duties.
Depending on the model, the smart pack may come with a USB port for charging gadgets, GPS tracking, electronic locks, and built-in-
Digital scales.
A company called Modobag allows travelers to zoom in on their luggage like scooters, which travel at 8 miles an hour.
Many manufacturers, such as the road, barracuda, G-
Ro, Raden, Arlo Skye, Travelpro and Heys (
Only manufacturer using AAA battery)
Sell smart luggage that meets the new rules.
Those who did not rethink their design.
\"Luggage manufacturers have responded to the airline\'s safety concerns,\" said Michelle Marini pitinger, president of the Travel Goods Association.
\"The recent focus on lithium-ion batteries will certainly lead manufacturers to take action to produce new smart luggage as safely as possible.
\"The rule came earlier than expected.
International Civil Aviation Organization, United States of AmericaN.
Agencies that set air safety standards and recommended practices for more than 190 countries have decided to start restricting smart luggage in next January.
However, the International Air Transport Association, which represents about 275 airlines around the world, began enforcing the ban as early as a year ago.
A spokesman for the International Air Transport Association said members of the organization will follow its advice from Monday.
Participants included major airlines such as United Airlines, JetBlue Airlines, Royal Dutch Airlines and Virgin Atlantic Airlines, as well as many smaller airlines, including Adria airlines in Slovakia and Nile airlines in Egypt.
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You have to re-pack your items in your second bag or buy new luggage at the airport --
An expensive solution for careless mistakes.
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