Can overcome surface heating South Korea discovers new lithium battery materials

by:CTECHi     2021-08-12

Lithium Grid News: The Korea Institute of Science and Technology announced that the institute and Seoul University have used lithium-rich manganese nickel cobalt manganese oxide (LMR) materials to produce a new type of anode material that can overcome surface heating. This technology can improve the performance of electric vehicle batteries. The research results were published in the international academic journal Nano Letters.

LMR material has higher energy density and stronger safety than other anode materials. However, during charging and discharging, the crystal structure will be unstable. This phenomenon mainly occurs on the surface of anode material particles. There are limitations in application. Korean technology keeps the surface of the LMR anode material stable, thereby forming a surface structure that quickly transmits lithium ions, inhibiting the heating of the material, and the manufacturing process is simple and convenient.

The research results show that the new material maintains its original characteristics when it undergoes more than 300 high-speed charging and discharging within 2 minutes. This technology can shorten the charging time and increase the driving distance. At the same time, the anode material synthesis method and improvement scheme can be applied to the next generation of electric vehicles and medium and large energy storage systems.

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