Can fuel cells replicate lithium batteries and become the next super subject?

by:CTECHi     2021-07-30

In recent decades, although countries have vigorously promoted electric vehicles, their proportion is still very low, less than 1%. The core is that the past electric vehicles have violated the main logic of energy density improvement, which is the main line of energy reform. Even the latest generation of lithium battery vehicles has an extreme energy density of only 1/40 of that of gasoline, and the industry has naturally been unable to improve by 10 times the speed.

But the advent of fuel cells has completely changed this status quo. It uses hydrogen as the raw material, the basic energy density is three times that of gasoline, the work efficiency of the electric motor is still twice that of the internal combustion engine, and the actual density is 6 times that of gasoline, which has obvious advantages.

Fuel cells using hydrogen energy are undoubtedly more representative of the direction of historical development, and are most likely to become the basic energy source for the next generation.

From the perspective of recent policy thinking, Li Keqiang specially visited Toyota’s fuel cell technology when he was visiting Japan. China is expected to introduce Japanese fuel cell technology on a large scale and carry out Large-scale industrialization.

The fuel cell industry has entered the starting point of the boom, just like the lithium battery in 2011. The state attaches great importance to the fuel cell industry, and has clear policies in terms of industrial planning, development routes, and support and subsidies; more than 20 provinces and cities in the local government have clear investment and plans for the hydrogen fuel cell industry. 2018 is the first year of commercial operation of China's fuel cell vehicles. The annual output of fuel cell vehicles exceeded 1,800. Currently, there are nearly 700 vehicles in operation, and the operating mileage of logistics vehicles in Shanghai exceeds 4 million kilometers.

The fuel cell industry ecology is becoming more and more perfect, the industry is getting better, concept stocks are also surging, personally optimistic: Dulwich New Materials, Dayang Electric, Snowman shares, etc., will definitely produce one Big bull stocks.

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