Calgary inventor finding success with heated winter gloves

by:CTECHi     2019-11-25
Like most people, when Ken Cheung rides his bike in the winter, his hands get cold.
But unlike most people, what Zhang Jianzong does is not just a layer-by-layer complaint.
Zhang began to repair and supplement
This is what he is good.
He built his own business on it.
Power in Motion, located at Claire\'s shopping center, began in 2006 when he started installing pedal bikes with electric motors.
Today, Zhang is in the fourth iteration of his uniquely designed battery
Electric heating gloves, this product has won some deaths
People are increasingly interested in the bicycle industry.
Teacher Zhang recently invited me to his store to see the gloves, which is a retail store and a laboratory.
Electric bikes are still powered bread and butter in sports, but Zhang Yin is excited to show his heated gloves in the winter and tell unique stories about their creations.
\"I built it especially for cyclists, and that\'s my goal,\" Zhang told me . \".
\"But we see the interests of all sorts of people.
Zhang became an entrepreneur as a crazy scientist.
He has been trained in computers and specializes in big data, but his original intention is to promote more sustainable transportation.
Since the beginning of power and movement, he has been innovating and developing a unique givingand-
Taking his clients as an example, many of them seem happy to act as real-time testers for this evolving power industry
Power Products.
When he first started working on heating gloves, he said he was disappointed with other models on the market because they were too weak.
With their small batteries, he thinks the heat they generate during the winter through Calgary is not enough to make a big difference.
So he focused on the battery and became an expert not only in the interior but also in the armchair
But the same is true in the global battery industry.
After some careful testing (
He sent any batteries he was not satisfied with back to the factory)
He developed a unique 12-
The Volt battery is small enough to fit in the cuffs of thin winter gloves.
During my visit, he pulled a glove to my right hand and the other to my left hand, powered by the smaller battery used by competitors.
In an instant my right hand was scorched and the other hand was barely hot.
\"You see what I mean . \"
His model has three settings, the warmest being 50 degrees Celsius.
\"Anything warmer than this, you burn yourself,\" he said . \".
The glove is actually a liner intended to be placed in a regular glove, heated by elements sewn on the fabric of each finger length and knuckles.
This battery pack, about the size of a BlackBerry phone, is placed in a zip pocket of the cuffs.
He also offers an extension cord so you can put the battery pack in your chest or jacket pocket and feed the wires through your sleeves.
The most exciting thing for Zhang Yin is that people\'s interest in bicycle sports is far beyond the bicycle world.
While he wants to distribute gloves through players in the big bike industry, he also sees a steady stream of outdoor workers hitting his store to buy gloves.
He is already working on the next step of improvement, and he is developing a complete set of products that can be powered by batteries, from heating socks to bicycle lighting systems.
Like me, you may wonder why you need to heat gloves in Calgary, especially in this warm winter of the year.
Zhang said that they are not suitable for everyone who rides a bike, but they do expand the possibility of riding in the winter, especially those who are increasingly hitting the trail on mountain or fat bikes.
Or you may be one of those people who work outside all day, or just hate cold fingers.
Regardless of the market, Zhang said the market is growing and he has high hopes for his latest invention.
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