Button battery safety to improve

by:CTECHi     2019-12-04
Button battery manufacturers have agreed to put the battery in a child protection package after 4 deathsyear-
Swallow an old Queensland girl
Button cells are small single cell batteries used to power small electrical equipment such as watches, hearing aids and bicycle lights.
Competition and Consumer Council of Australia (ACCC)
Met with manufacturers, retailers and industry associations in Sydney on Monday, and the girl swallowed the battery at her home on the Sunshine Coast on June 30.
\"ACCC has recently been concerned about the serious harm caused to children by lithium coin batteries,\" ACCC Acting Chairman Delia Rickard said in a statement . \".
She said 20 delegates attending the summit agreed to introduce children --
\"As fast as possible\" resistant packaging.
They also agreed to step up consumer education, improve warnings on packaging and develop safer battery designs.
ACCC urges parents not to touch the button batteries, throw away the flat ones, and make sure they cannot be removed from the device.
Children suspected of swallowing batteries should be taken to hospital immediately.
The button battery can burn through the esophagus and reach the internal organs within a few hours.
Five Australian children are estimated to be sent to the emergency room every week after swallowing the button battery.
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