building home solar electricity with battery backup system

by:CTECHi     2020-09-10
Do you want to use the spare battery system for home solar power generation?
This is a free renewable energy system and I have built it at home.
I highly recommend it because there are many benefits to using solar energy.
In this article, I will talk more about the advantages of solar energy and how you can use solar energy to run your family.
Advantages of home solar power generation 1: clean and renewable energy sources will not cause harmful gases such as nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, mercury and sulfur dioxide to be discharged into the air, unlike burning fossil fuels or other traditional power generation methods.
Solar energy is clean and using it is a good way to protect the environment.
Solar energy is also renewable.
It is created when needed and will not exhaust the Earth\'s resources in any way.
As the supply of natural resources such as fossil fuels on earth is rapidly decreasing, it is important that more people begin to use renewable energy systems.
2: huge cost savings 7 although the initial construction cost of the solar system is high, the cost can be recovered quickly depending on how much your homemade power system can generate.
Once you have a solar power generation system in place, you can also start to enjoy free energy from the sun.
If you are using solar energy, another possible scenario is called net metering.
This happens when your homemade solar system can generate more electricity than your home\'s total electricity consumption.
When this happens, you can resell the excess power to your grid company for profit.
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