build solar panel energy storage

by:CTECHi     2021-07-02
The practical purpose of using the energy of the sun on Earth is a new frontier.
And the first silicon.
Based on the solar cell, which was invented by Russell Ohl in 1941, it is a very slow process to utilize this energy in a large society.
One reason for the slow adoption of solar energy is the availability of fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas.
Another reason is that solar production technology has only recently become cheap and efficient enough to be used on a personal level.
In recent decades, it has been noted that fossil fuels have led to heavy rains and global warming, making them less attractive resources for continued global use, and solar technology has made great progress.
In short: alternative energy sources like solar are now in higher demand.
Now, individual homeowners and amateurs can build their own home solar system.
Two main sub-components are required to build a solar panel unit
System: collect the energy generated by panel photovoltaic cells and store power.
Storing electricity is critical for practical day-to-day applications, as solar panels do not generate electricity at night or on cloudy days.
Solar storage is more than just a set of lead batteries, like the ones you might find in a car store.
Instead, you need highdensity, high-
Power energy storage.
This battery is the weakest link in the solar business.
In addition, the battery needs attention in terms of maintenance.
If you choose to make a solar panel energy storage battery, you need to make a decision between the sealed battery and the unsealed one.
Sealed batteries are safer but less efficient than unsealed batteries.
As long as you perform proper maintenance, the battery life is about 4 years.
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