Briefly introduce current lithium battery pack equipment manufacturers

by:CTECHi     2021-07-25

The production process of lithium battery pack is long and there are many equipments. Lithium battery equipment generally refers to various manufacturing equipment used in the production process of lithium batteries. Lithium battery equipment has a significant impact on the performance and cost of lithium batteries and is one of the decisive factors. Today, the editor summarized several manufacturers of lithium battery pack production equipment, for your reference only. Lithium battery pack production and manufacturing process: The manufacture of lithium-ion batteries can be divided into four process stages: pole piece production, battery cell assembly, battery activation detection and battery packaging. The pole piece production process includes agitation, coating, rolling, slitting, sheet making, tab forming and other processes. It is the basis of lithium-ion battery manufacturing, and it is important to the performance, accuracy, stability, automation level and production of pole piece manufacturing equipment. There are very high requirements for efficiency; the cell assembly process mainly includes winding or lamination, cell pre-encapsulation, electrolyte injection and other processes, which require high accuracy, efficiency, and consistency; cell activation detection process mainly includes electrical Core formation, sub-capacity testing, etc.; the battery packaging process includes testing, classifying, series and parallel combination of the single cells that make up the lithium battery pack, and testing the performance and reliability of the assembled lithium battery pack. What are the manufacturers of lithium battery equipment? ①Dongguan Derui Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. was established on January 28, 2011. It is a professional manufacturer of lithium battery equipment that integrates Ru0026D, manufacturing and sales. I have cooperated many times with world-class battery manufacturers, and I am familiar with the assembly process and equipment of soft-pack and hard-shell batteries, and understand the various testing links in battery automated production. The equipment is mainly used for automatic winding of large square battery cells. The equipment adopts two pairs of winding needles, single-side needle drawing and double station structure. The cathode and anode pole pieces and two rolls of diaphragm are automatically unrolled and automatically corrected. The pole pieces are introduced into the winding part by the driving roller, and the diaphragm is carried out according to the process requirements Automatic winding, after winding is completed, automatically change the station to paste the termination tape. ②Zhongtianhe Shenzhen Zhongtianhe Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a nationally certified high-tech enterprise integrating Ru0026D, design, production and sales of professional lithium battery equipment. The company takes its own in-depth understanding of the production process of lithium-ion power batteries, soft pack batteries, energy storage batteries, and digital batteries and years of experience in the manufacture of automated machinery and equipment, and always provides customers with stable, safe and reliable production equipment needs as the goal. The main products are: pure electric vehicle lithium battery, energy storage lithium battery, power nickel-hydrogen battery, super-capacity lithium-ion battery special automatic stacker; high-rate soft pack, special lithium battery for aircraft model, special high-end digital lithium battery pack Stacking machine. ③ Meierda Zhuhai Meierda Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the No. 2 plant of Zhuhai, Doumen District, Jingan Town and Xinqing 3rd Road, a famous and beautiful coastal city in Guangdong Province. It was established in 2008. It is a professional manufacturer of automated production equipment for lithium battery packs integrating Ru0026D, design, manufacturing, sales and service. The lithium battery pack equipment products included by Meierda include a general-purpose vertical roll groove machine, a fully automatic battery covering machine, a glove box pre-sealing machine, a glove box cylindrical pre-sealing machine, a liquid injection vacuum standing machine, and a turntable pumping machine. Air-sealing machine, aluminum-plastic film automatic forming machine, six-in-one turntable top side sealing machine and other products. ④Dianming Technology, established in June 2008, is a high-tech enterprise integrating development, production and sales of battery production equipment. The company also has strong technical development, manufacturing, quality inspection and management talents, continues to improve manufacturing capabilities, and continuously develops core technologies and processes, and strives to become a leading domestic manufacturer of lithium battery production equipment. ⑤Yinghe Technology Yinghe Technology has become a leading manufacturer of lithium battery equipment in China. It advertises that it is currently a global company that can provide complete line solutions for intelligent power battery production lines. In 2016, Yinghe Technology's operating income reached 850 million yuan, a surge of 132.77%, and its net profit was 124 million yuan, a surge of 105.89%. Among them, the four major items of winding machine, coating machine, tablet machine, polymer battery jig forming machine accounted for more than 70% of operating income, and other production equipment such as roller press, slitting machine, die cutting machine, injection molding machine Sales of hydraulic machines, stacking machines, etc. are each more than 10 million yuan. Market analysis of lithium battery production equipment: (1) Lithium battery equipment companies have begun to gather together in the capital market. In order to speed up the pace of expansion and gain an advantage in the fierce market competition, many lithium battery equipment companies have begun IPOs or financing. With the help of capital, competition in the lithium battery equipment industry will intensify; (2) The domestic market for lithium battery production equipment is fiercely competitive, with strong demands for new technologies. At present, there are no super enterprises with obvious technical advantages, large scale and leading role in the industry in the domestic lithium battery equipment link. Most equipment enterprises develop and design around large battery enterprises, and maintain technological leadership in one or several links. . With the follow-up of the capital boom, the number of equipment manufacturers has increased significantly, and their strength has also increased significantly. The competition between equipment has continued to intensify, and the technical strength and financial strength of equipment companies have higher requirements; (3) Production line automation , Intelligentization is increasingly valued, the whole line of contractors has appeared, and the online digital system is testing the water. On the whole, the production and sales of lithium battery production equipment are booming, and the development momentum is good. However, due to the decline in subsidies, the price of power lithium battery packs has fallen sharply, and the average price at the end of the year has fallen by 20% to 25% compared with the beginning of the year. The cost pressure of the industry chain is huge. The above is the introduction of lithium battery pack production equipment manufacturers. The editor believes that the lithium battery pack production equipment industry will continue to develop rapidly in the next 3-5 years. Based on the above situation, we will continue to increase investment in lithium battery production equipment business in the future.

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