Briefly describe the manufacturers of common energy storage lithium batteries on the market

by:CTECHi     2021-07-25

Lithium battery application scenarios can be divided into three types: consumption, power and energy storage. Energy storage lithium batteries have gradually received attention as an emerging application scenario. Energy storage is one of the important means to solve the intermittent volatility of new energy wind power and photovoltaics, and to achieve the function of 'peak cutting and flat valley'. More and more manufacturers are also beginning to deploy energy storage lithium batteries. Ranking of energy storage lithium battery manufacturers: ⒈Energy Storage Electric Energy Storage is a manufacturer dedicated to the Ru0026D and application of lithium battery UPS. The company has been engaged in the UPS power supply industry for many years and has accumulated rich professional experience. As a power supply provider using lithium iron phosphate batteries as energy storage, the company’s products are widely used in: communications, electricity, public security, finance, networks, medical care, security, and industry Automation, rail transit, aerospace navigation and other fields, flexibly meet the differentiated needs of customers in various industries and the pursuit of efficient innovation. Product features of 48V lithium battery pack: Excellent high temperature performance: The thermal peak of lithium iron phosphate battery can reach 350~500℃, the working temperature range is wide (-20~+75℃), and it can still release 100% under high temperature (60℃). capacity. High-rate discharge: The figure shows the discharge curve of lithium iron phosphate battery. Even at a discharge rate of 5C, the discharge rate can still reach 90%. Fast charging: High current 2C can be quickly charged and discharged, and 1.5C charged under a dedicated charger The battery can be fully charged within 40 minutes, and the starting current can reach 2C, while the lead-acid battery does not have this performance now. Safety: Safety comes from the stability of the positive electrode material and the reliable safety design. The lithium iron phosphate battery has undergone strict safety tests and will not explode even in severe collisions. Environmental protection: The lithium iron phosphate material does not contain any heavy metals and rare metals, is non-toxic, and has no pollution in production and use. It meets the European RoHS regulations and is a green battery. ⒉Zhongshan energy storage lithium battery manufacturer Zhongshan energy storage lithium battery manufacturer, lithium batteries have no battery leakage problems, and their batteries do not contain liquid electrolyte and use colloidal solids. Can be made into a thin battery: with a capacity of 3.6V400mAh, its thickness can be as thin as 0.5mm. The battery can be designed in a variety of shapes. The battery can be bent and deformed: the polymer battery can be bent about 900. It can be made into a single high voltage: a battery with liquid electrolyte can only obtain high voltage with several batteries connected in series. Since a polymer battery has no liquid, it can be made into a multi-layer combination in a single battery to achieve high voltage. 3. Saiwei New Energy Zhongshan Saiwei New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established Since 2010, it has created its own brand Saiwei solar lithium battery, well-known trademark Saiwei Guanghua street lamp series, and has successfully developed, produced and sold a variety of New energy products, smart street lights of the Internet of Things, new graphene lithium batteries. As a manufacturer of energy storage lithium batteries, Sunway New Energy provides customers with energy-saving, new, value-for-money high-quality lighting products, outdoor lighting engineering support, and comprehensive customer service technical support. ⒋Huge lithium battery-energy storage lithium battery manufacturer Juda Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, headquartered in Gaosheng Science and Technology Park, Nancheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. It is a national high-tech enterprise that provides customized solutions and products for special lithium battery power system. 5. Lithium iron phosphate battery system integration manufacturer-Jiabeisi Green Energy Zhejiang Jiabeisi Green Energy Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer dedicated to the development and manufacture of lithium iron phosphate power batteries. The company has passed ISO9001, 14001, 18001 and TS16949 certifications. , Has passed the explosion-proof safety certification, the Teil certification of communication products and the CCS marine product industry certification, becoming one of the first lithium battery manufacturers in China to have qualification certificates in the fields of electric vehicles, mining, communications, and marine applications. Energy storage power lithium batteries are widely used in communication backup power supply, uninterrupted backup power supply, solar energy storage, wind energy storage, power equipment, portable mobile power and other scenarios. 6. Chiyuan Technology-a professional lithium battery manufacturer Tianjin Chiyuan Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Tianjin Huayuan Industrial Park. It is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development, design, production, sales and service of lithium batteries and charging management for many years. Since its establishment, it has been committed to providing customers with a complete set of power solutions. The main products are to provide lithium battery-based power supply systems for customers in railways, aviation, transportation, electric power, military industry, communications and other industries. Energy storage battery series: fixed valve-regulated sealed batteries for telecommunications, post and power, various instruments, meters, and small valve-regulated sealed batteries for alarms; energy storage batteries for photovoltaic, solar, and wind energy; electric vehicles and various transportation vehicles Batteries for electric road cars; batteries for railway diesel locomotives and railway passenger cars; lead-acid batteries and lithium battery solutions are available. The development trend of the energy storage lithium battery industry: The main demand for lithium batteries comes from the consumption of lithium batteries, power batteries and industrial energy storage. Lithium batteries have huge opportunities in new energy. As long as they can avoid the traditional large-scale power grid's energy management and control and make full use of solar power plants, energy storage technology will have great development prospects. Driven by lithium batteries, the energy storage market will usher in new opportunities. With the development of lithium batteries in emerging application fields and the strengthening of alternative demand in traditional application fields, it is an irreversible trend for the lithium battery industry to maintain stable growth as a whole in the next few years. Energy storage technology is a strategic support for the future transformation of energy structure and the transformation of power production and consumption patterns. Driven by the development and commercialization of energy storage technology, power lithium batteries, as one of the protagonists of the new energy industry, will also usher in new opportunities for development. At present, the high cost restricts the development of the energy storage industry, and the market expects higher policy subsidies for the energy storage industry, and the lithium battery industry is expected to rise in the medium and long term.

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