Bracing for EV shift, NGK Spark Plug ignites all solid-state battery quest

by:CTECHi     2019-12-07
NAGOYA, Japan (Reuters)-
In the face of the eventual demise of the gasoline engine, the world\'s largest manufacturer of spark plugs is turning its attention to components it believes are equally important in the coming age of electric vehicles --next-
All solid state battery.
Over the years, Japan\'s NGK Spark Plug Co has leveraged its expertise in ceramic technology for spark plugs to extend to sensors, semiconductors and other products that are primarily used in automobiles.
Now, it sees a solid future.
Experts believe that the national battery will be safer and more powerful than lithium
Ion batteries currently used in battery electric vehicles (EVs).
After leading transportation in 150, as global emissions regulations tighten, the internal combustion engine faces the end of the road for decades to come, forcing automakers to develop more electric vehicles.
\"We realize that at some point, the industry will inevitably move from internal combustion engines to battery electric vehicles, which in the end could make our spark plug and oxygen sensor business obsolete, takio Kojima, senior general manager of engineering and R & D at NGK Spark Plug, said in an interview with Reuters.
\"Our expertise in advanced ceramics, so we decided to pursue all solids-Status battery.
Founded in 1936, NGK Spark Plug is headquartered in the automotive manufacturing hub of Nagoya, Japan, realizing that its main business is facing an outdated situation of about 2010, Kojima said.
In this year, Nissan Motor Company launched the leaf, Volkswagen
The production of all battery electric cars came just after Tesla launched its first car sports car.
Other global parts suppliers are scrambling to adjust their product mix.
In Japan, Denso cooperated with Toyota Motor and Mazda Motor to develop battery electric vehicles, while transmission manufacturer Aixin precision machine is developing hybrid transmission systems and electric vehicles. specific, four-wheel-drive units.
In the United States, bogwarner, the manufacturer of powertrain products, has expanded to hybrid and electric vehicle components, including transmission and drive modules for electric vehicles.
Industry expert forecast
Mixed gasoline-
Electric cars and all-
According to the International Energy Agency, battery electric vehicles will account for 26% of global car sales by 2030, compared with only 1% last year.
The increase in the use of electric vehicles will require a sharp increase in manufacturing capacity for a longer period of time.
More powerful, lighter, faster charging life battery than traditional lithium batteriesion batteries.
Develop all solids with Toyota and other companies-
Compared with the traditional lithium battery, the state-owned car battery provides more capacity and better safety.
Replace the ion battery by replacing the liquid or gel
Like the electrolyte of a solid conductive material.
Toyota is developing sulfur-containing batteries.
Based on solid electrolyte, it has high conductivity and relatively flexible properties, but releases toxic hydrogen sulfide when exposed to moisture.
NGK Spark Plug is betting on a different oxide technology
Use the basic chemistry of ceramics that are highly stable at extreme temperatures but have low conductivity.
In addition, brittle ceramics can be difficult to process.
Japan\'s TDK company has developed small, ceramic, all-solid-
It is mainly used for the status battery of wearable devices such as personal fitness monitors, while Yoshida manufacturing company is developing similar products.
But NGK Spark Plug has a bigger plan, a bigger format needed to develop the car.
\"It is relatively easy to work in smaller sizes, but when you reach a larger size, it is difficult to assemble each layer because it is difficult to make each layer the same thickness, hikosaka, a member of the solid-state battery R & D team at NGK Spark Plug, said.
The company has been developing a solid oxide for the past five years.
Based on the electrolyte, it contains an additional material that resembles sulfur-based one.
This makes it easier for the electrolyte to be processed into a larger, thin layer of compression, making it easier to stack with the anode and cathode.
\"It is because of the addition of this material that we are able to handle layered compression (
Not sintering)
Make bigger oxide
Battery based.
At the same time, it will not release any gas like sulfur, \"Hikosaka said.
As a result, the company has developed a battery bag battery of 10 cm by 10 cm, which is much larger than the 4 battery. 5 mm by 3.
2mm cells developed by the TDK.
NGK Spark Plug declined to comment on the materials used in its oxide compounds and the performance of its batteries.
Hikosaka said his team is working to increase the energy density of the battery, enabling it to improve the performance of lithium-ion batteries by about 2020 and develop more powerful batteries, \"In the 1920s s\" lighter, competitively priced batteries.
Battery experts believe that the production price is reasonable, strong battery
The 2020 s state battery is Toyota\'s common goal, and is ambitious given the challenge of achieving a good balance between many performance features.
Once they are on the market, some experts believe that as producers compete to provide batteries of different specifications, competition between batteries based on oxide, sulfur and other chemicals may intensify.
\"If these chemicals can compete with lithium and win --
We see the transformation of all solids.
State, we may see a variety of materials used in them, such as lithium-
Ion batteries, \"said Venkat srinfeld, director of Argonne energy storage Science Cooperation Center, Illinois.
\"For example, some automakers and battery manufacturers may be more interested in conductivity than oxidation stability. . .
The battery is a compromise.
You won\'t reach every indicator. ” (
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