Big coffee gathered around the world to 'explore' Evergrande Global Battery Research Institute

by:CTECHi     2021-09-11
The big waves and violent winds are true. The era of barbaric growth of new car-making forces has passed. Some cross-border companies that entered the dividend period have been fortunate to have braked and stopped losses due to planning goals, macro-environment, and insufficient comprehensive competitiveness, which unfortunately even endangered their own survival. Companies that are still competing for a place in the market are competing in all aspects around products, technology, talents, capital, scale, and services. Especially at the moment when the safety and performance of power lithium batteries are emphasized, who can control the power lithium battery technology, gather talents, and truly solve the safety risks can become the key to its surprising victory. After the 'Hengchi' six vehicles were unveiled, Evergrande once again released heavy information, and its power lithium battery scientific research strength was also exposed for the first time. On December 7, Xu Jiayin, Chairman of Evergrande's board of directors, visited Evergrande Global Battery Research Institute and connected to the Japanese branch of the Battery Research Institute in Osaka via video, allowing the industry to see the true capabilities of Evergrande’s power lithium battery research team. The headquarters of Evergrande Global Battery Institute is located in Shenzhen and has attracted a large number of outstanding scientists from all over the world. The dean of the research institute is Li Junxiu, an internationally renowned battery scientist and former president of the SK Group Battery Research Institute in South Korea; Zhang Cheng, the executive vice president, is the former Yamaha engine battery research and development director; and the vice president Kim Sang Bum is the general manager of Hyundai mobis. Technical director of Korea SK Innovation Battery. The leading lineup of research and development can be called excellent luxury. The core scientific research team of Evergrande Global Battery Institute now has more than 800 people. Among them, the Ru0026D director of the battery materials research center is the former chief engineer of the Samsung SDI battery business unit in South Korea; Jin Zanzhong, the former chief engineer of the Samsung SDI battery business unit; Park Zhenkui, the deputy Ru0026D director of the advanced technology development research center, is the former senior research and development expert of Samsung SDI materials in South Korea; the general manager of the BMS development research center is Kim Sang-hoon (Formerly a senior research and development expert of SK Innovation in South Korea) served as; Lu Quanshan, general manager of the Advanced Technology Development and Research Center, was the former Senior Application Technology Director of the Battery Research Institute of Umicore, Belgium; Park Shengguo, Deputy Director of Ru0026D of the Equipment Development and Research Center, was a production technology of LG Chemical in South Korea Person in charge of equipment; Dean Assistant Li Guicheng was the general manager of the LG Chemical Battery Pack Development Center in South Korea...The Japanese branch of Evergrande Global Battery Institute is also headed by a big coffee, sitting on the world's first-class scientific research level. The honorary deans are Ozawa Kasumori and Yoshio Makoto, the former is one of the forefront of commercial lithium-ion battery inventors, known as the 'father of lithium-ion batteriesKyo Tetsuo is a national technology leader in the battery industry in Japan and has more than 200 patents; Chief Scientist Hiroshi Abe is the first person to propose the concept of 'functional electrolyte' and has inventions such as 'additives to prevent overcharge'. As the core power support of Evergrande Automobile, Evergrande Global Battery Institute can gather outstanding teams in the industry in a short period of time and quickly control its strong Ru0026D strength, which is second to none in the industry. In the research direction, Evergrande Global Battery Research Institute focuses on the forward-looking development and application of lithium-ion batteries, solid-state batteries, battery materials, BMS, and next-generation battery technologies. It has material synthesis, electrolyte research and development, solid electrolyte synthesis, modules and packs. There are 40 professional Ru0026D and testing laboratories for Ru0026D, thermal management, etc., with more than 15,000 testing points. Currently, power lithium battery innovation is ushering in a new round of integration and cross-border innovation. Power lithium batteries involve materials, equipment, processes and other links. Only based on continuous integration, innovation and integration, breaking the existing industrial barriers, and establishing a new industrial ecology, can the disruptive innovation of batteries be promoted to a greater extent. Evergrande obviously did it. It is foreseeable that the gathering and blessing of Evergrande's global outstanding technical talents will comprehensively and rapidly drive the high starting point, high safety and high quality development of power lithium batteries. Industry insiders believe that after the release of large-scale production of Evergrande power lithium batteries in the future, it is not ruled out that the supply to the external market can be fully realized on the basis of meeting Evergrande's own supply. In fact, the powerful research and development strength of power lithium batteries is only the epitome of Evergrande's car manufacturing industry chain. As a rising new car force, Evergrande has quickly formed an industrial chain layout of 'complete vehicle Ru0026D and manufacturing + three-electric core technology' through 'buy, buy, combine, circle and circle' and other methods, and enter the realization of ' The strategic vision of 'big big, good good'. In the past two years, through dozens of acquisitions and cooperations, Evergrande has completed a series of industrial chain layouts in the field of new energy from vehicle research and development, manufacturing, mass production, power lithium batteries, and motor wheels. Although it is the same as most new car-building forces, Evergrande’s car-building is still being questioned today, but from the perspective of strategic planning, actual layout and progress, it is an indisputable fact that Evergrande is going all-out to build cars. And this series of international mergers and acquisitions and cooperation has also enabled Evergrande to quickly master the industry’s leading core technologies in key links in various fields such as powertrain, 3.0 chassis architecture, and advanced vehicle manufacturing. The scientific research teams in these fields are also expected to follow. Exposure in the time. At present, Evergrande Motor is located in two major production bases in Shanghai and Guangzhou, and has started trial production. According to the plan, Evergrande will build ten smart manufacturing bases around the world in accordance with Industry 4.0 standards, with a planned total output of 1 million vehicles per year by 2025 and a planned total output of 5 million vehicles per year by 2035.
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