Betting on fuel-powered batteries Great Wall plans to launch mature fuel-powered battery vehicles in 2025

by:CTECHi     2021-09-16
A few days ago, Tobias Bruner, Vice President of Great Wall Motors, stated at the Hydrogen Energy Industry Development and Innovation Forum that Great Wall Motors has built a hydrogen energy technology center, which is equipped with the detection and trial production of the core components of fuel-powered battery vehicles, as well as the integration and integration of the whole vehicle. Detection capability. In addition, he stated that Great Wall Motor plans to launch cost-competitive high-power hydrogen fuel-powered passenger vehicles in 2025. Tobias Bruner analyzed that based on the Hydrogen Energy Technology Center, Great Wall Motors will work with partners to develop hydrogen fuel such as fuel power cell stacks, membrane electrodes, air compressors, hydrogen storage tanks, hydrogen storage valves, and pressure regulators. The core component of power battery car. Great Wall Motors judged that in 2025, fuel-powered battery models will become the same important passenger car models as pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Great Wall Motor plans to showcase its first fuel-powered battery model based on an exclusive platform in 2020, and launch its first fuel-powered battery fleet at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Based on early detection and accumulation, Great Wall Motor plans to officially launch a mature hydrogen fuel-powered battery model in 2025. Tobias Bruner, vice president of Great Wall Motors, in terms of hydrogen energy supply, Tobias Bruner believes that hydrogen refueling stations based on liquid hydrogen will be more easily integrated with the existing gas station system. As the number of fuel power batteries continues to rise in the future, liquid hydrogen refueling stations will become the lowest cost hydrogen refueling station technology. In 2025, Great Wall Motors will build the first liquid hydrogen refueling station equipped with cryogenic compression technology for the research and development and detection of hydrogen refueling technology for fuel-powered battery vehicles.
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