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by:CTECHi     2019-12-03
We don\'t want you to panic, but your car may be less secure than you think.
Last year, about 89,000 cars were stolen in Britain, up from 56,000 in 2016.
Perhaps even more worrying, according to data. police.
According to British statistics, 68% vehicles were stolen in 2012.
No solution has been solved.
Robbing our cars as humans is not necessarily a crime.
Sometimes we lose them because we are completely absent.
Thought-just like an unfortunate German man reported his car stolen in 1997, just to find out where he parked it after 20 years.
So vehicle theft-to a lesser extent, is a big problem.
Fortunately, consumer technology has solutions.
Until recently, the GPS tracker has been a protected area for experts, from sailors who use the GPS tracker to keep in touch with land, to private detectives.
Even TV and film villains are using them.
Who remembers Mike Ehrmantraut of Breaking Bad Breaking a car into pieces in search of a car? )
Today, GPS trackers are essential for discreet cars
Owner-widely available, reasonably priced, ready to help track a missing vehicle.
In addition, some additional features are provided to help drivers calculate mileage, stay in touch with their families or drive more safely.
Let\'s take a look at the seven best GPS car trackers on the market today that show a wide variety of devices.
We will mark connection methods, design features, and other highlights to help you decide which one is right for you.
Please note: Some of these trackers must be used with onboard diagnostic ports (OBD).
We will mark this at the beginning of the relevant review.
Cars produced in the past 20 years usually have an OBD port, but older cars often don\'t.
If in doubt, please check with the seller before purchasing the tracker.
Remember, because OBD-
The tracker-based-must be clearly inserted-
In the driver-
They are more suitable for tracking normal vehicle activity-E. G. g.
Learn how the learner driver is driving-not tracking lost or stolen vehicles.
Requirements: SIM card (
Location report charged at normal SMS rate)
Drain: Rechargeable internal battery or car battery safe driving function: noWe believes that this excellent tracker from Streetwize accessories may be a device that provides GPS car tracking to the masses.
It uses a SIM card (not included)
, The user must send the text to it in order to return the report for the tracker location.
Each report is charged at the normal SMS rate-much better than the monthly fee required by many other tracking personnel.
We found the device easily. to-
Use in the car and also see it come in handy in monitoring pets and vulnerable relatives or baggage trackers.
A negative fact is that it says \"GPS tracker\" on it-so you might want to cover this up or specifically hide the tracker. £44.
99 | Halfords | Buy It Now requirement: OBD port, submit 4 times a month: carSafe driving function
Rich tracker like V-
Let others track their cars.
This can be particularly useful for parents who monitor teen drivers or business owners who want to check that employees take the best route during their travels.
According to your point of view, V-
Auto could be the angel on your shoulder telling you to drive responsibly, or it could be the back seat driver in hell.
There is no doubt that this is a smart technology. £59.
89 | Amazon | Buy It Now requirement: monthly subscription stop: car battery safe driving function: noAbax Triplog is both hardware and app, designed to help businesses and professionals record miles and manage travel. It’s an HMRC-
Compliance system-especially good-
Applicable to automatic mileage claims.
The device itself is a neat, simple black box that can be connected to your car battery.
The adhesive patch on the back allows it to stick to the side or side of the assembly, meaning it may be easier to hide than other devices. From £48 (
Hardware and applications)
| Abax | need to buy it now: OBD port, 5.
95 monthly subscription run: car safe driving function: tracker for yesCarlock is OBD pluginin-and-
Play compatible, which means it has access to detailed information about how the car is driving-when, for example, the driver brakes or accelerates abnormally.
Like Vodafone\'s tracker, this feature works well to ensure safe driving for young drivers or learners.
In practice, this allows
Deep remote monitoring of vehicle activity through connected applications.
You get an alarm when the vehicle suddenly brakes and makes a sharp turn (
This indicates an accident or \"stunt driving \")
, Even when the engine is on-so you can get an alert in case of theft.
SIM 75 | Amazon | need to buy now: SIM card (Included.
Report the location charged at the normal SMS rate. )
Drain: Rechargeable battery safe driving function: noIt may be called \"basic tracker\" but the price of iTrack TK102 is very high.
For a standard location report, it works just like a Streetwize accessory Tracker via SIM.
In addition, it can be used in-
Built-in microphone with magnetic upper surface for easy hiding.
In terms of running time, TK102 is in the middle of the package, charging up to 80 hours at a time.
It also comes with a spare battery so you can prepare one at any time.
Impressive equipment at an amazing price.
£ 35 | Amazon | Buy It Now requirement: SIM card with GPRS planRuns off: Rechargeable battery safe driving function: veritable Hercules without this car tracker can charge 50 days at a time, thanks to its efficient 10000 battery.
Another SIM card.
Tracker-based allows you to keep track with mobile data or get instant reports via SMS.
Geo-location alert and historical route playback (
Up to three months)
It is reasonable to prove that the price is relatively strong.
£ 65 | Amazon | Buy It Now request: SIM cardRuns off: Rechargeable battery safe driving feature: noThis compact, beautiful
The finished product tracker is also suitable for cautious in-
Car monitoring, as well as vulnerable elderly relatives or children carried with them as personal trackers.
With a free Android or iOS app, battery life is up to 10 hours and easy to operate, making it one of the most convenient trackers on the market.
To maximize your hidden options-for example, if you want to hide it on the underside of the vehicle-buy the SpyTrack Nano with this waterproof magnetic box case. £49.
99 | Amazon | buy it now, whether you connect it to your car battery and use it to keep monitoring your vehicle, or are you also using it to monitor pets, the streetwize GPS tracker provides reliable users
Friendly way to focus on the most important things without destroying the bank.
That\'s why we named it the best option for our ES.
ESBest product reviews are just, independent suggestions you can trust.
In some cases, we get revenue if you click on the link and buy the product, but we will never allow this to affect our coverage.
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