Berlin factory will redesign Model Y core technology and produce batteries

by:CTECHi     2021-08-25
Musk believes that Tesla's mission is to accelerate the sustainability of energy production and use. On Thursday, local time in Germany, Tesla CEO Musk visited the construction site of the Berlin Super Factory. He was satisfied with the progress made in the Berlin factory and revealed that the core technology of the German-made Model Y will be redesigned. In the early version of ModelY, in order to catch up with the output and speed up the delivery, the quality control ability was reduced, and quality problems were repeatedly exposed. In a video on the Teslaati website, Musk gave a speech to the participants in Gruenheide (Gruenheide) in Brandenburg, a suburb of Berlin, where the Berlin factory is also located. In his speech, Musk mentioned: “We are building Tesla’s most advanced factory so far, and then we will do a series of innovative things here, not only involving the production of replica Model Y, but also the core technology. Completely redesigned. At the Battery Day event in September, I will talk about what we will do in Berlin. But this will be the first major change in the design of the core structure of this model, which is very important. In addition to the version of the Model Y electric car, batteries will also be produced. Musk said: “The three elements required for a sustainable energy future are sustainable energy production, energy storage and electric transportation. Except for rockets, everything will be electrified.” Musk believes that Tesla’s current mission is Accelerate the realization of sustainability of energy production and use. In order to deal with climate change, companies like Tesla must act as quickly as possible. According to the original plan, Tesla will adopt the Nevada model and build the Berlin factory with its partners. At present, Tesla has obtained a license to conduct electricity trading throughout Western Europe.
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