Battery-run full-size scooter? What a gas

by:CTECHi     2020-03-30
Interested in alternatives
The energy car reached an unprecedented level of enthusiasm, and the arrival of Vectrix was perfect.
Its New Vectrix Maxi has been on the market for more than 10 years and has just been approved for sale in California last week and is now officially on the market.
There\'s a scream of excitement here.
In San Francisco, I had the chance to ride a day\'s Vectrix and people were so excited to see this much-anticipated scooter at work that they almost clapped when I rode past.
To a large extent, I agree: Vectrix deserves applause.
At first glance it looks like your average
Corner maxi scooter but take a closer look: no tailpipe.
Open it and it\'s almost silent.
This is because Vectrix is made by 125-
V-pack nickel metal hydrogen battery charged with three batteries
The power string around the lower plate of the seat.
Vectrix is electric so it has no exact inference in the gas
World of electric scooters
Its weight (462 pounds) and shape (large) are similar to the 400 cc machine, but its highway-
The legal maximum speed (62 mph) is similar to 150 cc.
However, what is truly unparalleled about it is acceleration.
Vectrix is faster than any scooter I \'ve ever ridden, with almost no power cuts under load.
Ride on San Francisco\'s numerous rollers
Roller coaster mountain, it\'s not nervous.
Maximum load capacity is not mentioned by Vectrix.
Its spokesman will only say it can carry a pair of 250
The pound line that didn\'t break the Saks impact and the Marzocchi telescopic fork leaned against the hill.
Why does the company know this?
Because a police force on the East Coast is testing whether it is possible for Vectrix to buy two doughnuts of it.
Eat the best on a scooter.
It is an exaggeration to say that people are eager for such a product.
Toyota\'s Prius proved this and they were very greedy.
Within 24 hours of Vectrix\'s debut last week at a one-day consumer pilot event in San Francisco, the company received \"a large number of orders,\" although Vectrix\'s price was twice that of a regular scooter ---$11,000.
Whether Vectrix can meet the needs remains to be seen.
Vectrix based in Newport, USAI.
, Will not say how many scooters it has produced or sold.
More precisely, this is not allowed.
Vectrix is legally prohibited from disclosing production and sales data because the company publicly owns and trades on the AIM stock exchange in London and, until possible, the rules prohibit disclosure.
Everything about Vectrix is a bit unusual.
Not only does it come from a state with almost no two wheels, but its scooter is made in Poland, 500 miles from Italy, the company\'s main market.
Vectrix is expected to be its largest US market in California. S.
There is only one brick on the marketand-mortar dealer --
A car company called British automobile in the Gulf region.
Anyone in Los AngelesA.
Areas that need service after a trial ride or purchase a trial ride must make a toll call
Free number [(877) 832-
8749] Vectrix will provide them with the so-called VIP direct service.
The New Vectrix scooter is so high
Products of interest and such a new market that I can\'t get VIP treatment for Vectrix.
I had to go to them and a motorcycle that had barely been ridden was ready and waiting ---
Compared to corporate billing, the travel range for a single charge is much lower.
Vectrix claims that the maximum range of driving at a speed of 25 mph in full charge is 68 miles, but: 1) this does not reflect reality, because people don\'t do this only happens when the bike is charged three full charges.
Mine only charged once, according to the digital dashboard, so it has a lower estimated range: only 45 miles.
There are some comforting and disturbing things to know how far I can go before I need to insert.
Above, it is given a specific number of miles.
But below, I feel like I \'ve been running empty all the time because the range of bikes is much more limited than that of regular cars, motorcycles or scooters.
The best way to use Vectrix is to commute to a destination where you will stay for a while and there is a guaranteed power supply on the other end.
Vectrix takes three hours to fully charge, but can charge 80% in two hours.
Use the throttle brake of the scooter (not the lever-
Drive front and rear discs on wheels) can also increase battery life.
One of my favorite parts of Vectrix is that it has many patents.
Function throttle, it works like a traditional throttle, then some throttle.
Roll the throttle outside of the off position--
Basically backwards. -
Do two things.
When parking, it will put the bike slowly.
The speed is the opposite so I can park the scooter\'s nose on the side of the road and get off the bus.
In sports, the same movement can also slow down the speed of bicycles.
I found out-
Turning off the throttle is easier than squeezing the brakes;
It also slows down Vectrix faster than brebo brakes and helps the battery charge up to 12%.
Vectrix\'s batteries account for a large part of the weight of the scooter, but they are low and concentrated, and the scooter is balanced in other ways.
The only time I realized that the weight of the motorcycle was on that wind tunnel called the Golden Gate Bridge, it was a good thing because Vectrix had his own car.
Shuttle through the traffic in the crowded city, I didn\'t notice the proportion of its food because it was very flexible to handle.
For a scooter with a European target, Vectrix looks more Japanese than Italian.
Its body works are futuristic, silver, in some places, a little Chinese style-
It is most likely to prevent the price from being completely out of control.
The lower half panel on the Vectrix I rode is different in color from the upper and some chrome looks cheap and easy to fall off.
But my biggest problem with Vectrix is its range and price, even if it is reasonable.
Not only is it a new company in vector array, maxi scooter is the first batch of products.
Given the level of interest, it can be said that this electric scooter will not be the last one. susan.
Carpenter @ latimes. com--
(Start text for infobox) 2007 Vectrix Maxi terbase Price: $11,000 power system: Brushless DC radial air-gap motor, 125-
30 amp-V nickel metal hydrogen battery pack
Hourly capacity, after integrationwheel-
Installation of planetary gear transmission, automatic transmission.
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