Battery Powered Fog Machine

by:CTECHi     2019-11-23
I need a small battery.
A fog machine that powers the upcoming project. Mains-
Electric fog machine is not expensive at all (~$40).
But battery-powered portable phones, for reasons I don\'t understand, cost up to $800 (or even $1850! ).
There are all kinds of faint fog machines like Wizard sticks (kid\'s toy)
And the Dragon dolphin (
Same equipment, re-used for drafting-testing)
, Does not produce too much fog and needs to remain upright.
But I want a battery.
The silent power mist machine, with variable output from a few wisp to a dense cloud, can be waved around.
This ruled out any commercial fog machine I could find, so I designed and built one myself with e-cigarettes, small fans and 3D print enclosures.
Just something for your Halloween costume, product display or party.
You need the following information :-
Electronic cigarette kit (
I suggest to buy extra transmitter).
I\'m using TW INTU.
Cig kit, when the battery is 5000, the variable power is up to 80 W and the fuel tank is 4 ml. -
Battery stand for 3 AAA batteries-
3 AAA batteries
40mm 5 V computer fan-
Rocking Chair switch-
3D printing case (see next step)
Total Cost
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