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by:CTECHi     2020-02-06
One of the key drawbacks of battery cars is endurance-\"most charging miles will not exceed 100 miles.
But Dow, one year-
The old joint venture established last year by Dow Chemical and Kokam America is solving the problem with a very compact 80 KW battery pack
In theory, at least, it will bring tomorrow\'s car closer. 300-mile range.
Is dokcam very high?
In the industry, it does not have any customers from any car company.
But if it builds higher
Car makers will take a path in Michigan compared to their competitors.
The result may be that as people get used to electric cars, they really don\'t need such a range, but people get used to internal combustion and any reduction will result in at least a short term
Anxiety of scope.
\"Later this month, Dow Jones broke ground in Midland, Michigan for $0. 322 billion.
Factories supported by a $0. 161 billion DOE grant.
The target capacity of the plant is 0. 6 billion watt hours, enough to provide battery packs for 30,000 cars.
Only customers are needed now.
Ravi Shanker, CEO of Dow kokam (
No, not from the west tower.
This is 20-
Tao Zhi Yuan Lao)
In an interview, the company said that the value proposition is based on the long-termBattery series.
\"The challenge we face is to provide the right balance in terms of energy, electricity, longevity and safety,\" he said . \".
\"The integration of such packages into vehicles for robust performance presents complex technical challenges.
\"Google Cloud glitch missing connadik state mom Virginia Beach shooting protesters interrupted Harris, and the electric car industry is already working on a very large battery pack, although the average number of cars listed this year is 25-to 30-kilowatt-hour range.
Tesla Motors, for example, estimates that it may need an 85-to 95-kilowatt-
Hour package of Model S (
This will provide a 300 package
Additional miles as optional).
Tesla Chief Technology Officer J. B.
Straubel told me, \"This will be the biggest package in the market and we are designing and building it ourselves.
He added, \"saying that can\'t be done is like saying that there\'s never been such a big gas tank.
This is a technical reality.
\"With the support of GM and Doe, The EcoCar challenge has 16 university teams participating in the green vehicle conversion of the Saturn SUVs suv. At the second-
Recently, the University of Ontario presented all of it at the University of Arizona
Electronic solution, Dow Kokam 80-kilowatt-hour lithium-
Ion battery pack.
Captain Mike Maduro told me it had (
At least on paper)a 240-
The mile range is more than double that of Nissan Leaf.
Saturn Vue is not a lightweight platform.
Dow kokam may not have an OEM partner yet, but it is talking to some of them, Shanke said.
To demonstrate its capabilities, it has installed packaging on many vehicles, including minivans, trucks and a Lotus Elise with a Telsa sports car --
Like to perform.
It also acquired an electric car subsidiary in France.
Headquartered in Marcel Dassault Group, which produces high
Performance battery and energy management system.
According to Shanker, there are packaging problems with cars like Elise because they are not designed as battery cars-and with the creation of a more unique battery car platform, the problem may disappear in a few years.
By producing flat stackable lithium-
10-ion polymer batterykilowatt-
The goal of Dow Kokam is to install its packaging into the space normally occupied by gas tanks and transmissions.
Today, Dow kokam can put eight of its modular packages into a small car (yielding 80-kilowatt-hours)
But it may take up some luggage space.
\"You want to consume as much energy and power as you can, but you also don\'t want to have enough storage for just one golf club left,\" Shanker said . \".
Dow kokam also wants to squeeze more power out of the battery pack by allowing deeper discharges than other companies.
Most electric car batteries will never consume more than 80%, but Shanker said, \"it\'s like only half a tank.
Our technical goal is to get more addressable energy per charge.
\"If deeper emissions mean the difference between electric cars driving on the highway and electric cars trapped on the side of the road, Dow may have a value proposition there.
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