battery heated socks: funniest present ever

by:CTECHi     2020-01-13
Heat your feet with battery-heated socks.
It sounds interesting, doesn\'t it? Why do you need these, this is not completely unnecessary, you can wear the Murray wool socks.
Or smart knitted socks or smart wool socks (
Best wool socks in my opinion).
But I\'m not talking about buying socks heated by batteries because they work better.
I said I bought them because they were fun!
They look silly and awkward.
They got a damn battery pack out!
It\'s ridiculous.
But it is the kind of outstanding gift that gets a smile.
Let\'s face it and buy people gifts.
Especially people you know very well, they don\'t need anything.
It is a pain for everyone.
First of all, you have to buy something that you think they will like.
Then, whether they like it or not, they must pretend to like it politely.
Well, enter the battery to heat the socks: a way to solve all life problems.
At least this problem has been solved for the time being.
Think about how you feel about using these socks as a gift.
First of all, you will realize that it is a joke.
You should laugh.
Because people aren\'t going to be too serious right now, you don\'t have to act like you get the greatest gift in the world.
You can make fun of them.
This reduces the pressure on everyone: the giver and the recipient.
The result is a little less intense atmosphere and a little more fun.
Not only is this gift a gag, but the best thing about it is that it is not just a gag.
They are really good!
Yes, they look awkward and you may not want to wear them in public (
Unless you hunt or ski in winter, maybe).
But hanging out at home is a unique way to keep warm.
I\'m not saying they must be better than slippers, but they are different.
Every time you put them on, you think of the person who bought them for you because it is such an unusual gift.
CostI bought my battery heating socks from Hammacher Schlemmer (
A company that sells unique goods)for about $25.
They have also now introduced a new model called \"the best heated socks \".
This new type of rechargeable lithium-
Ion batteries and heat up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit;
They also paid $200.
You can also find some Brookstone for $80, which may be somewhere in the middle of both models (
At least on eBay).
Personally, I will choose the cheap one.
There\'s no need to destroy the bank here.
Also you need some double
Batteries to go with those bad boys!
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