battery backup surge protectors

by:CTECHi     2020-09-10
Battery backup surge protector is the perfect solution to the threat of continuous power outages and data loss.
The device provides an effective way to protect the work stored on computers and other network peripherals from lightning strikes and other surges.
When the power supply fails, the battery backup saves the data by turning off the operating system before the battery runs out of power completely.
Many models even allow you to extend the running time of the spare battery by inserting additional battery packs.
Battery backup surge protector is the ideal protection mechanism for home computer, advanced computer, file server, minicomputer, network hub, UNIX system, telecom system and any enterprise
Critical applications or connected devices that require additional security.
Most spare battery models are equipped with an automatic voltage regulator to ensure consistency and accuracy of the voltage output.
Some devices provide fax, telephone lines, and printer/scanner protection to prevent a surge in the data lines themselves.
Spare battery surge protector available for prices ranging from under $50 for cheap models to over $200 for top modelsof-the-line units.
When deciding to purchase a spare battery surge protector, it is helpful to consider the total number of available power outlets, regardless of whether it has a USB slot or not, how long the battery backup design lasts during downtime, whether it\'s a sound alarm or an LED indicator system, optional accessories compatible with the device and the manufacturer\'s limited warranty terms.
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