battery backup for sump pump - avoid disaster in your basement

by:CTECHi     2020-09-10
It was a Friday afternoon and the dinner was scheduled for Saturday night, when a homeowner went to the basement to pick up some condiments from the pantry and found the basement full of water.
The flood flooded quickly and she did not know what to do.
Finally, she reached out to find the yellow pages and found an emergency plumber to get to the house.
After 30 minutes, the plumber arrived and closed the main water valve and found that the laundry water supply pipe was broken.
The situation got worse when he also found that the sewage pump was faulty.
Two hours later, he managed to fix the line and the pump.
The cost of his services is $500 for parts and labor that do not include taxes.
The situation described above is the daily situation of homeowners in North America and around the world.
It\'s an ugly situation when you plan to have a party at your home, but sadly it could have been avoided.
The solution here is to install a backup battery sewage pump in the basement.
This backup system should be designed and configured to work in the event that the main pump fails due to a power outage, and it will start up and monitor whether there is excess water in the pump pool.
It should also be able to work in parallel with the main pump and discharge water from the sewage pump basin, especially when the downpour is severe and the Basin is being filled at the speed of the main pump and cannot be handled.
This type of sewage pump is unique because it has a battery as a power supply, so it operates independently of the outlet or AC power supply.
This is a real fault safety system that protects your property in the event of a power failure, and if the main pump fails, it will also back up your main pump.
The benefit of installing this battery backup system in your property is equivalent to a huge cost savings in terms of water damage.
Another additional benefit of getting this battery backup sewage pump is that some or most insurance companies will lower your rate and charge the cost of this pump.
In the real world, there is no machinery or number that will always play the role of 100%, as well as for the backup battery pool pump.
Like everything else, maintenance is required on a regular basis and it is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure that the pump is always working properly.
In addition to this, another option is to hire a professional every month to serve and test the pump.
Disasters can happen at any time, as described above, which has nothing to do with the weather, but the reason is that the pipe breaks and the pump fails.
Regular maintenance and testing on a monthly or quarterly basis is not bad at all.
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