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by:CTECHi     2020-04-19
Harbor City, California—April 24, 2012—Balqon Corporation (OTCBB: BLQN), a technology developer for electric drive systems for commercial electric vehicles, today announced the successful development of a battery-powered all-electric 14 passenger electric shuttle bus, it integrates Balqon electric drive system, lithium battery system and charging system into electronic equipment450 chassis.The new car also features the Balqon eq on proprietary fast charger\'s fast charging system that can charge the vehicle in less than an hour from the 80% discharge depth.Balqon based on E-450 the chassis is designed for transporting 14 passengers in shuttle bus operations on specific routes such as airports, universities, hotels and military bases.
The EQO14 integrates the Balqon Corporation\'s proprietary electric vehicle drive system, which includes a complete power management, propulsion and power conversion system, as well as a drive train and energy system (I.e., Lithium battery and charging system ).\"The addition of the fast charging function provides customers with the ability to increase the daily range of vehicles in specific route markets such as airport parking shuttles and school buses,\" said Mr.Balwinder Samra, President and CEO of Balqon Corporation.
\"In Daily Travel, the ability to have the opportunity to charge the vehicle makes the EQO 14 a viable alternative to fossil fuel-powered products currently used at the airport,\" he added .\".The EQO 14 passenger electric shuttle bus can carry up to 14 passengers, with a single charging mileage of 80 miles, and can fully charge the vehicle in less than an hour.The noise level of the vehicle is also lower than 69 db, and the latest idle speed is adopted-Shut down technology to increase energy saving during the vehicle idling.
The new car uses Balqon Corporation\'s proprietary lithium battery management system fast-300 v ac drive technology, automatic transmission and fast charging system.About Balqon company based in Harbor City, California, Balqon Corporation is zero-Discharge power drive system, lithium battery system and medium and heavy-duty-Electric cars.Balqon\'s proprietary power drive system includes complete power management, propulsion, flux vector motor controllers, and energy systems.
Balqon electric vehicles and drive systems are sold globally to companies, governments and municipalities seeking viable and effective ways to reduce vehicle maintenance and operating costs and reduce carbon emissions.Balqon is recognized as a pioneer in the development of commercial electric vehicle technology and energy-efficient transportation solutions.www.balqon..The common stock of Balqon Corporation is traded on the OTC Bulletin Board with the symbol \"BLQN \".
Follow us on Twitter @ balqon or http:/!http://www.facebook.According to the Safe Harbor Statement issued by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, in addition to historical information, the matters discussed in this press release, including but not limited, the commercial feasibility of all electric eq 0 14 of balqon Corporation is a forward-looking statement involving many risks and uncertainties.The actual future results of Balqon Corporation may be different from those statements.
Factors that may lead to or contribute to this discrepancy include, but are not limited to, customer acceptance of EQO 14;Unforeseen technical problems;Balqon\'s ability to open up the market;Balqon Corporation\'s ability to attract sufficient capital and labor to produce products;Balqon\'s ability to attract and retain talent;Unfavorable economic and market conditions;Future expected demand for Balqon Corporation products, including yard tractors and drive systems;Changes in technology and government regulations and policies;And other events, factors and risks disclosed from time to time in the documents submitted by Balqon Corporation to the Securities and Exchange Commission, specifically, these factors are listed in the \"risk factors\" section of balqon Corporation\'s recent annual report on table 10K submitted documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission.561.374.Tomorrow\'s game
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