BAK Battery and Hanlong Tongda strategically cooperate to release more than 2500 mobile energy storage charging vehicles

by:CTECHi     2021-09-04
Recently, BAK Battery and Hanlong Tongda Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hanlong Tongda”) signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The project plans to invest nearly 2 billion in three years to put more than 2500 mobile energy storage charging vehicles for New energy vehicles in key cities across the country, such as Shanghai, help to solve consumer charging problems, improve user experience, and promote the industry to enter a new stage of development. In recent years, the rapid development of my country's new energy market is gradually shifting from a 'policy' drive to a 'policy + product' dual drive. The use environment, infrastructure, and user needs and experience are gradually becoming the core concerns of the industry's breakthrough development. Among them, the charging experience has become the primary factor restricting purchases. According to statistics from 'McKinsey: 2021 Automotive Consumer Insights ReportTo this end, while the government side is improving the charging infrastructure management system, upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain are jointly exploring more innovative business and operating models. The strategic cooperation between BAK Battery and Hanlong Tongda is based on the insight of users' mobile charging needs and the exploration of innovative business models. The project plans to launch more than 2500 mobile energy storage charging vehicles within three years, mainly used in Shanghai and other national key areas. Urban new energy vehicles supplement electricity, such as new energy taxis, new energy buses, new energy logistics vehicles and personal vehicles. The rechargeable car will be equipped with BAK battery lithium iron phosphate prismatic battery module, which combines high capacity, high safety, long cycle and other outstanding performance. At present, the project is in the stage of sample package joint debugging, and it is expected to roll off the production line in batches at the new production base of Fuzhou Bick in the second half of this year. Dai Taimei, chairman of Hanlong Tongda, said: “Hanlong Tongda has always been committed to creating a'new model of aggregation service' around new energy vehicles. Through this strategic contract, we have joined hands with BAK Battery to promote the development of the industry with high-quality products and innovative models. And ultimately benefit consumers.” Wang Pan, executive vice president of BAK Battery, said that the new energy industry is entering a new stage of breakthrough development. It is believed that mobile energy storage charging vehicles that focus on mobile charging needs will promote the technological progress of industry infrastructure in a new model. And applied practice. BAK's Fuzhou production base will also reach production within this year, mainly producing square lithium batteries for energy storage and vehicles, which marks a further increase in BAK's battery production capacity. As a supplier of core equipment for rechargeable vehicles, BAK Battery will always use excellent performance and quality services to help model innovation and promote the development of the industry.
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