bad battery design responsible for boeing dreamliner grounding, expert says

by:CTECHi     2020-01-20
The charred lithium-ion battery at the Boeing 787 Dreamliner\'s global ground Center shows evidence of \"hot runaway\"-
Experts told FoxNews that this suggests a design problem. com.
On Wednesday morning, the All-Japan Airlines plane landed in western Japan in an emergency when the pilot of the plane smelled burning and received a cockpit warning of battery problems.
Since then, almost all 50 of the 787 countries used in the world have been grounded.
A Japanese investigator said Friday that the internal combustion of the battery indicated that the operating voltage exceeded the design limit.
This is a clear sign. of-
Controlling chemical reactions, explains Reginald Tomkins, professor of chemical engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.
\"Each battery runs in a chemical reaction, which usually involves the amount of heat released.
\"Sometimes with batteries, this heat is generated if the discharge is fast,\" Tomkins told FoxNews . \". com.
\"If it is not taken away, then you will produce temperature, fire and smoke.
\"But this is the same as lithium-ion batteries, a mature technology that has been studied for decades, he said.
So, what caused such a problem on the plane?
\"I don\'t think there is a problem with the battery actually set up.
Lithium ion has been in existence for 30 or 35 years . . . . . . It seems like a design issue, \"said Tang.
787 is more dependent than any other modern airliner on electrical signals to power almost everything the plane does.
This is also the first Boeing aircraft to use rechargeable lithium.
The ion battery of its main electrical system. GS Yuasa Corp.
Manufacturer of lithium-
The ion battery used in 787 said on Thursday that it helped investigate, but the cause of the problem is not clear.
The problem, it says, could be a battery, a power supply, or an electronic system.
Don\'t blame the lithium technology itself.
The lithium-ion battery caused a fire and even an explosion on Sony\'s laptop and Apple\'s iphone. -
High-tech gadgets, very small layouts, encapsulate the battery at the bottom of the metal, often leading to heat build-up.
But the chemical reaction is reasonable, says Tang.
\"They have been around for a long time.
The basics of the battery are good, \"he told Fox News. com.
Hans Weber, president and owner of San Diego TECOP International Ltd, explained that lithium-ion batteries have higher voltage and are therefore more powerful than other metals, which has led to their popularity in many industrial applications
Air consultancy, former FAA consultant.
\"It can release energy at a higher rate.
So if you need a real power peak, maybe you can start an engine and lithium-ion batteries can do that well, \"Webb told Fox News. com.
\"Everyone will be using lithium batteries due to huge advantages,\" he added . \".
\"There are Fisk people.
The new city car that will be launched this year owns it.
Tesla S has them. Everyone.
The NTSB has not yet released its findings, but there are other possibilities.
For example, the battery itself may not be defective-
It could be just a bad batch, says Webb.
\"May you remember that there was a problem with the fire of the Volt battery pack?
At first, they accused GM of not designing the housing properly.
It turns out that this is not the case but a bad battery lot.
Tomkins agreed it might be a problem. -
But he doesn\'t think so.
\"This may be a different design for a batch of products, but I doubt it.
It\'s possible, though, \"he told Fox News. com.
Whether it\'s a batch or the entire fleet, Boeing is facing financial difficulties, and the battery itself is the least worried.
Former NTSB chairman Mark rosenkel told Reuters that Boeing is operating more than one aircraft.
3 million hours of testing before deciding on lithium
Ion batteries are safe to use on 787, and the company must meet additional rigorous testing in order to be awarded \"special conditions\" for the use of batteries by the FAA \".
If Boeing is forced to replace the battery of the Dreamliner, strict testing will be a new problem.
\"The redesign is much smaller than the extensive testing that will take place, which will be very time consuming.
We\'re talking about months. Many months.
The Associated Press contributed to the report.
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