Auto Sleuth: Automakers soon to debut in North America

by:CTECHi     2019-12-09
It seems that the competition in the auto market is not fierce enough. with the arrival of GAC in China and France, it will become more crowded --based Peugeot.
GAC took part in the 2018 North American International Auto Show recently held in Detroit, the fourth time GAC took part in the annual auto show.
This time, it shows three current models and one concept.
GAC claims that it will start selling its vehicles in North America by 2019, although the company representative has not stated how they will do it (
Such as establishing your own dealer network or cooperating with well-known automobile manufacturers).
At the same time, PSA Group)(a. k. a. Peugeot)
It doesn\'t sell cars here until 1991, which takes longerterm approach. It plans to re-
Enter the market in the case of a recent acquisition (
General MotorsOpel brand.
Like GAC, PSA does not say how it intends to sell Opel cars here.
Sleuth sources have heard that the GM department will make major moves at the high end of the automotive spectrum through the Avenir nameplate.
The Avenir subset, known as the premium level of decoration, was originally launched for the Buick Enclave utility wagon and will soon be available as a high-end model
Complete end decoration
Junyue car size.
The Regal and Encore utility vehicles also seem likely to receive Avenir treatment.
Obviously, Buick\'s marketing team has been greatly encouraged by the success of the GMC brand, which has successfully loaded-to-the-
Model Hilt Denali.
When the automaker showed the third, the spy was startled.
At the recent 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, it specializes in hybrid models, but does not formally introduce Assembly Media.
The Honda people talked in a low voice about budget cuts, but given the new 2019 ac song Kurosaki at the nearby ac song booth, Sleuth did not believe the story.
Insight based on Honda Civic Platform uses 1. 5-litre four-
Cylinder engine connected to motor, extract juice from lithium
Ion battery pack.
Honda claims 50. miles-per-U. S. -gallon fuel-
Economic rating of city/road co-driving, average of hybrid cars these days.
The North American International Auto Show is known for many emerging trends, including increased competition for pickup trucks.
The detective checked all of them-
The new larger 2019 Chevy Silverado is bolder in appearance and lighter in weight (
Chevrolet says up to 200.
And the first one.
Silverado will also provide 3 power tailgate options. 0-litre six-cylinder turbo-
But the company is still at a disadvantage in terms of production and fuel economy.
At the Fiat Chrysler motor show, the biggest news is the 2019 Ram pickup truck, which has a bold and more attractive front clip that adds traction and traction capabilities to provide 3 vehicles6-litre V-6 and 5. 7-litre V-8 engines.
Ford also revealed the next one.
The 2019-generation Ranger medium truck is turbo-charged 2. 3-litre four-Cylinder engine.
Many times before, Suburu had produced excellent design studies/concepts, but they were downplayed with disappointment when they were put into production.
The recently exposed Subaru Viziv performance STI concept is definitely an amazing design, but will Subaru learn the silly lessons of the past?
Viziv has a positive front and side cladding, plus a rear wing that looks more integrated with the rest of the body, rather than simply bolted together like the previous wrx sti model.
There is no information about the power system, but early rumors have raised the possibility of a hybrid system as a way to increase power and reduce fuel consumption.
It is expected to launch in 2020.
At the beginning of 2018 North American International Auto Show, Honda Accord was announced as the best model of the year. Volvo x60c is the truck of this year, and Lincoln Navigator is the multi-function car of this year.
The performance ended on January. 28.
With the trend rising, the original Bullitt Mustang surface, the car that actor Steve McQueen was driving in the 1968 movie Bullitt was finally known.
In 1974, the film studio sold Highland Green \"stang\" to Robert Kilnan, New Jersey, who died in 2014.
The car now belongs to Robert\'s son, Sean.
While the value of the Mustang is estimated at $4 million, Kiernan is not planning to sell it.
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