auto electrical repair - know thy battery

by:CTECHi     2020-09-10
The first vehicle component you should be aware of when doing an electrical repair of the car is the car battery.
Although the battery is only 12 volts stored, it is the power supply for the entire vehicle.
You won\'t be able to start the engine without the battery.
In addition, the car battery helps to operate all the electrical accessories installed on the car.
Car batteries should last 3-
The average climate is five years.
However, an extremely hot or cold climate will reduce it to just 2-3 years.
A car battery consists of six batteries, each containing a stacked positive and negative lead plate.
They are separated by an insulator and immersed in the electrolyte of a liquid mixture of sulfuric acid and water.
Some batteries, however, use gel instead of electrolyte.
This is considered safer because you don\'t have to fill it with an electrolyte so it\'s labeled \"maintenance-free\".
Each cell is generated or placed more correctly, storing 2.
A total of 12 volts. 6 volts.
A chemical reaction occurs between the electrolyte and the lead plate.
This will produce dangerous explosive gases that are discharged through the vent of the battery cover.
So be careful when you charge or start the low battery.
Every time you work under the hood of a car, you should also be careful.
It is important to provide the best possible ventilation in the battery, so be sure to keep it clean.
Over time, all batteries, even those that use gel instead of electrolyte, have lost their charging capacity.
The reason is that the chemical rupture of the connection inevitably leads to deterioration of the plate and loss of electrolyte.
When a startup or charging problem occurs with your vehicle, the vehicle trouble shooting procedure should start with a battery test.
You do this with a visual check and then a voltage test.
If the battery is normal, other parts of the electrical system may be the cause, but the battery problem is the most likely cause.
One of the benefits of battery inspection and trouble shooting is that you only need very little technical equipment.
All you need is a good, old digital Volt ohmmeter and a battery charger.
Each car battery manufacturer uses a certain color in the battery \"eyes\", which can tell if it needs to be charged.
This is a quick and easy way to remind you to re-charging.
View the \"eyes\" specifications of your battery manufacturer and everything related to it.
If you need to replace the car battery, be sure to test it before replacing it.
You can also test the entire electrical system of your car.
The reason for your battery problem may be that the AC generator is too weak or the system is running out, and if so, you don\'t need to spend a lot of weeks replacing the new AC generator.
It seems that the battery problem is not always caused by the battery itself.
You can get more information on how to repair the electrical system of the car online.
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