Audi’s huge hybrid gets interstate on one tank and one charge

by:CTECHi     2020-03-17
The latest three Technologiesrow turbo-
Audi Q7 E-diesel SUVTron plug-
In the hybrid electric vehicle industry 21 years later, Toyota Prius appears to have gained recognition from another brand in hybrid technology. Audi’s Q7 E-
Tron mixes diesel efficiency with electric motors on open roads, claiming £ 56 km in cities and suburbs.
If your daily commute is less than that, there\'s a good chance that you\'ll be able to get to and from work at just one fee.
Audi said it needed two.
The industrial power supply is charged for 5 hours and the household outlet is charged for 10 hours. 3kWh lithium-
Ion battery pack.
If you need to take risks beyond electricity
In the car range, it is good for diesel to be nearly 1000 km between refills.
This is not a bold statement. this number is based onExperience first hand.
I just made £ 2000 km on a trip to eastern Australia. Audi Q7 E-Tron plug-
In hybrid: claim 1000 km rangeSource: provide power-
Although Q7 has increased its electric mileage by another 36 km, it will only expire after 8 km kilometers.
After a few long downhill driving, you can only drive-
Like most hybrid and electric vehicles, braking technology is very clever and can generate electricity.
The combination of electric and diesel power is the trump card of Q7 E-upTron’s sleeve. The 3. 0-
The production of Litre V6 turbo diesel is 190 KW/600Nm, and the production of electric motors is 94 KW/nm.
The combined output power is 275 KW and the torque is nm.
The output of these two motors is not simply increased because their peaks reach different points at acceleration.
With an eight
Automatic and full speed
Wheel Drive, combined push Electronics0-Tron above
Sprint 100 in a claimed 6 km/h.
2 seconds faster than Toyota Camry v6.
Fuel grade labels claim an average consumption of only 1. 9L/100km —
Because most laboratory tests are done when the car is in electric mode.
You won\'t get close to this once the battery runs out, but, to our credit, we have an average of 6.
7L/100 km, more than 2000 km of driving on major open roads.
Feat of twotonne vehicle. Q7 E-
Tron: there are fuel flaps on one side and charging points on the other: Another popular finding is provided: Unlike other electric cars, the brake pedal feels normal.
It lacks the typical inconsistent bite of most other electric and hybrid cars.
The transition from electricity to gasoline during acceleration is also seamless. The Q7 E-Tron is a five-
Seat only (other Q7 variants are 7-
Because the hybrid hardware takes up space under the boot floor, otherwise it will be used for the third line.
Embrace this future technology and you will be rewarded with Q7.
Audi\'s digital widescreen dashboard display is standard, and a full set of safety technologies including automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, exit warning, rear cross traffic alarm are also standard, provide blind zone warning and lane maintenance assistance.
Large brakes, adaptive air suspension and tires make Q7 more flexible than vehicles of this size.
The higher profile tires are good at handling potholes and sacks on the Australian back road.
Q7 cabin: Simple but spacious and practical-
But only five.
Disadvantages of suppliers?
The price premium is a big barrier.
The official version of Q7 3. 0-
Starting at $97,800 per liter of turbo diesel
For more powerful versions, road costs and steps are up to $106,900. The Q7 E-
Telon starts at $139,900.
The $33,000 premium brings optional features for cheaper variants.
However, it will take more than half a century to save only on fuel. This makes E-
Tron ranks among the early adopters.
Toyota remains the leader in putting hybrid technology into the hands of Volkswagen --
But competition is coming to an end. VERDICT3.
Finally, a plug
Hybrid cars can cover a long distance in Australia.
For more information about Audi Q7, the new price is $33,000 more expensive than the second cheap Q7 diesel.
The only option on the test car is metal paint, $2250.
The digital widescreen dashboard for tech Audi is standard, including automatic emergency braking, exit warning, lane hold assist, rear-
Cross Traffic alarm, etc. E-
Tron charging point: Audi claims that it takes only 2 minutes to charge the battery.
5 hour Source: The supplier driving the motor provided the claimed 56 km battery range (we got 36 km) before switching to 3 ). 0-
For nearly 1000 km of the driving range, it is good to upgrade the turbo diesel.
So far, the combined output of the motor and diesel has exceeded the $106,900 version of 3. 0-
Up V6 (200 KW/600Nm ).
Audi says Q7 E-Tron, this month-
6 hours 100/hour.
2 seconds, about 0.
3 seconds faster than the former, and 4 seconds. 0-
Liter V8 turbo diesel clock 4. 9 seconds.
Design This is the only visual tip for a plug
Hybrid: there is a \"fuel door\" on each side, one for diesel and the other for power outlets.
The cottage looks a bit industrial but spacious and functional and comfortable.
This version is five. seateer only. AUDI Q7 E-
TRONPRICE $139,900 plus on-
3 years/unlimited km, 12 months/15,000 km, 3 years Engine 3 $1900 in advance. 0-
Upgraded V6 turbocharged diesel engine, motor, 275 KW/700 month NmSAFETY star monthly airbag, automatic emergency braking, blind zone alarm, warning, rear traffic alarm system, 360
Front and rear sense 1. 9L/100km (6.
7 L at the time of testing) no spare;
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