Application of high-power lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide batteries from South Korean enterprises

by:CTECHi     2021-07-05

Recently, it is reported that the Korean battery manufacturer and energy storage system (ESS) supplier Kokam has won a 40MWh battery energy storage system contract from a solar power plant in South Korea, including its latest high-power lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide ( HENMC) battery.

Kokam deploys battery energy storage system on a microgrid in Australia. One project of Kokam will install 5MW/12MWh energy storage systems in three plants in Chungchoeng; and another The project will deploy an 8MW/28MWh energy storage system for a 10MW solar power generation facility, which will be deployed in nine locations in South Korea. The first project will be deployed by Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Razzler, and the second project will be deployed by KoreaMidlandPower. Both of these projects will provide stable energy storage capacity for solar power generation systems and transfer the electricity output from solar energy to the grid. IkeHong, vice president of Kokam's power solutions department, said that these two energy storage projects use Kokam's latest high-power 100Ah HENMC battery. 'We provide the technology and expertise needed by developers and owners of solar and other renewable energy projects to incorporate safe high-power energy storage systems into their projects,' he said. Most of the 28MWh energy storage system delivered by Kokam for KoreaMidlandPower will use 100AhHENMC batteries, which use new active materials in the anode. Kokam said that due to the addition of a new additive to the electrolyte, the energy density of the battery has increased by 26% to 204.4Wh per kilogram. All energy storage systems use built-in battery management system (BMS), battery protection unit (BPU) and fire-fighting equipment. SolarEdge, a manufacturer in the solar industry, recently expressed its intention to acquire Kokam, and has purchased 75% of the company's shares for approximately $88 million. In a recent earnings conference call, SolarEdge CEO GuySella said that this acquisition will make SolarEdge a 'one-stop' solution provider for solar + energy storage and other distributed energy solutions.

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