Application of 18650 lithium battery protection board

by:CTECHi     2021-08-23

With the progress of the times, new energy sources have also become popular. For example, the new energy car industry has also developed rapidly, and the power lithium battery as a core component is also increasingly developed and dressed, in the production process and development skills The above has also been greatly improved, and the application fields have become more and more extensive, such as electric cars, electric bicycles, and electric buses in our lives. There are also small electric things and so on. It can be said to be used everywhere, always in life, by our side. With such a wide range of applications, our desire to understand it has become stronger and stronger. Today, the Chinese Chuangfa will let you know about the particularly important, professionally planned, and most advanced 18650 lithium battery protection board. What is the application of 18650 lithium battery protection board?

For the power lithium battery protection board used in modern new energy cars, the protection board is very meaningful, as the name implies: a protective circuit board, which is used to protect the battery. To damage and extend the application life of the battery, only when the battery presents extreme doubts, the most stable and useful protective measures will be taken to prevent accidents. This is like a fuse or safety switch in household appliances, which can protect the circuit from overcurrent. For damage to electrical appliances, the battery protection board is mainly used to protect the battery pack in a stable, reliable and safe way, and to ensure the normal and safe use of the battery pack or longer use. This relationship is similar to the principle of water and a container. When the faucet is opened (battery charging), if there is no protection, the water will flow into the container (charging). When the container cannot be installed, the water will flow into the container without turning off the faucet. When he is still flowing in, the water will overflow. As we all know, lithium batteries will continue to charge if they do not manage and control them, exceeding 4.2V, until they explode. This is what we call overcharge. In the same way, if it keeps discharging, it will be lower than 2V. In this case, the user cannot charge up and the battery is basically scrapped. However, for professionals, it can still be charged with low current. It is not completely over-discharged. If it is discharged to 0V, it is a lithium battery It is completely scrapped. Therefore, there must be a battery protection board to protect it from overcharge and over discharge.

However, in recent years, the output value of this rechargeable battery has continued to increase, and the demand for shopping malls is huge. This is mainly due to the benefits of the high-end skills of the circuit maintenance board. The planned battery pack is not equipped with a circuit maintenance board, and then a series of battery cycle life and safety questions are raised. Since the development of Seiko skills, a fine battery protection board has been planned to control the entire battery pack circuit energy Safe operation. In real life, how can we know that the battery contains such a safe battery protection board? Today we take a 18650 as an example to give you a little trick to judge it.

Single 18650 lithium battery, the first method: can be measured by a caliper, the standard cell height is 65mm, if the circuit maintenance board is added, it is 69-71mm; the second method: discharge, set discharge To 2.0V, if the battery does not discharge when it reaches 2.4V, it means there is a maintenance board; the third method is that the positive and negative electrodes of the battery are short-circuited, and the battery does not heat after the battery is short-circuited, indicating that there is a maintenance board, and the opposite can be explained. Without adding a maintenance board, the safety of the battery pack can be distinguished.

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