Application industry of lithium iron phosphate battery pack

by:CTECHi     2021-07-26

How many industries and fields do you know about the application of lithium iron phosphate battery packs? Lithium Lithium iron phosphate batteries have developed rapidly in recent years. Lithium batteries can be said to be a relatively hot industry now, as one of the necessary power sources for various mobile electronic terminals, new energy vehicles and other electronic products. It is widely used in energy storage power systems such as water power, thermal power, wind power and solar power stations, as well as power tools, electric bicycles, etc. The application fields of lithium iron phosphate battery packs mainly include five major aspects: 1. Transportation power supply 2. Electric energy storage power supply 3. Mobile communication power supply 4. New energy energy storage power supply 5. Aerospace military power supply The actuality of lithium iron phosphate battery packs Specific applications: ⒈Currently in the new energy vehicle industry, the application status of lithium-ion batteries for new energy vehicles reflects the good development prospects and the need for perfect technology; insufficient specific energy to act as auxiliary power; wide range of use and many types of batteries. The development of China's new energy vehicle power lithium battery has always been directional controversy --- the dispute between lithium manganate, ternary lithium, and lithium iron phosphate has never subsided. However, the current domestic mainstream new energy car companies are basically using lithium iron phosphate battery packs. The advantage is that the lithium iron phosphate battery pack is safer; longer service life; does not contain any heavy metals and rare metals (low raw material cost); no memory effect; high temperature resistance; can easily pass acupuncture experiments. 2. Communication base stations Due to the high reliability requirements of communication base stations, a complete communication power supply solution requires that the switching power supply system be equipped with a battery with high reliability and high safety. However, lead-acid batteries have a short lifespan and frequent maintenance. The performance in extreme temperature outdoor environments is far less stable than that of lithium iron phosphate batteries. Although the price is relatively expensive, the cost is completely worthwhile for the importance of the communications industry. Lithium battery packs will become the main power supply configuration for many types of communication main equipment and auxiliary equipment. The use of lithium iron phosphate battery packs in base stations has application scenarios in many scenarios, but it needs to be strengthened in terms of management and safety, so that they can operate within a controllable range. We hope that it can be made cheap and good, so that the scale of procurement of iron towers may gradually expand the application in this regard. 3. Data center data center power supply and distribution system widely uses UPS equipment, and its supporting batteries currently mainly use lithium iron phosphate batteries. With the maturity of lithium battery technology and the increasing cost optimization, data center UPS will quickly complete the conversion from lead-acid batteries to lithium battery packs. In the future, lithium iron phosphate batteries will not only serve as UPS short-term backup delays, for example, with UPS+ lithium battery realizes the profitability of peak-shaving and valley-filling and peak-to-valley electricity price difference, and it does not even rule out the partial replacement of diesel generator sets by energy storage containers. According to a global data center survey, 10% of data centers have adopted lithium batteries as a backup energy source. Schneider Electric predicts that the average annual growth rate of lithium batteries will exceed 100% in the next three years. 4. The school computer room lithium iron phosphate battery has the advantages of small size, light weight, high energy density, good sealing, no leakage, no memory effect, high discharge performance, low self-discharge rate, fast charging, long cycle life, and wide working environment temperature range , Green and environmental protection, so it has been applied in the school computer room, UPS and indoor distribution system. For this kind of sudden interruption of commercial power, the lithium battery can immediately supply the DC power stored in the lithium battery pack to the load by switching and converting the inverter to 220V AC power. This allows the equipment in the computer room to work normally for a certain period of time without the supply of mains power. 5. UPS power supply In the UPS uninterrupted power supply system, the backup battery pack is the last line of defense for the entire power supply system. It is also the focus and difficulty of the power supply maintenance work. In the system interruption accident, the failure caused by the battery pack It accounts for a large proportion, so people will be more cautious about the changes in backup battery technology. In order to solve the above problems, the applications of lithium iron phosphate batteries for high-power UPSs in the communications industry and some well-known brands are increasing. A new trend in the UPS market is the growing interest in lithium-ion batteries in data centers and UPS applications. Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries have a longer service life, smaller size and weight, the ability to operate in a wider range of environments, and can charge and discharge quickly with large currents, and have superior high temperature resistance. ﹣10℃~﹢65℃, it can still work normally; the total cost of ownership (TCO) is better. Therefore, the lithium battery pack industry will continue to be in an accelerated stage in the future development. Because in the current major markets, the demand for lithium batteries is still very large. This is not only a test but also an opportunity for some enterprises of lithium iron phosphate battery. It is hoped that all lithium battery companies can do a good job of their products and obtain customer satisfaction. It is also hoped that the recycling of lithium batteries or other waste batteries will be supported by some policies in the future to prevent random disposal. After reading the above-mentioned application industry of lithium iron phosphate battery packs, we have reason to believe that lithium batteries will be one of the most popular batteries. In the battery industry, lithium iron phosphate batteries have always been the first choice for green batteries. As a relatively mature and advanced battery at present, the lithium battery pack is widely used by people due to its light weight and large power storage.

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