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by:CTECHi     2020-01-08
As promised, the new Apple iPod product will meet us.The entire iPod family has sold 275,000,000 products worldwide.manufacturing.Would you like to learn more about the amazing features of the latest iPod touch, nano and shuffle?What are their new features?Here is a detailed analysis of these electronic gadgets.
The Ipod touch has a market share of over 50% and has managed to beat Sony PSP, Nintendo NDS and Nintendo Dsi.Ipod touch is probably the best-selling mobile gaming platform.What is the attraction of this project?* Screen.
The latest iPod touch is thinner and more compact with only 7 sizes.Thickness 1mm.It uses the same Retina screen design as the iPhone 4, that is, 960-by-The 640 backlight LCD display has a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch.It makes the graphics and text look smooth and continuous at any size.
* Two cameras.
The IPod touch has two cameras.
The rear camera can record 720 p HD video.Thanks to its advanced back lighting sensor, the camera works properly even when the light is low.* Facetime.In the past, some people like to compare touch to iPhone, saying that touch is an iPhone without mobile phone function.
Some fake manufacturers designed the Apple look to touch and add phone features.Now, the latest iPhone touch allows you to be on wi-fi environment.* Processor.It uses the same A4 processor as the iPhone 4.
IPod touch can easily handle complex tasks such as multitasking, video editing, and FaceTime calls.In addition to maximizing battery life, the product allows you to indulge yourself to the maximum extent possible.The IPod nano has been completely redesigned.
It can provide a varietyUse the same technology as the iPhone, iPad and iPod.The latest iPod nano has been reduced in half size and is easier to operate.* Built-in Clip.The new built-In the clip, whether we walk, run or dance, we can listen to our favorite songs on our sleeves.
* Longer battery life.
Full cost of buildingIn rechargeable lithium-The ion battery allows you to enjoy up to 24 hours of music playback.* Shake and shuffle.Just shake this type and you can change to another song.* Radio nano.Unlike other brand types, the latest iPod Nano\'s FM tuner shows the artist\'s name, song or program we\'re listening to and allows us to set up favorites.
Unlike the iPod Shuffle third generation, the latest iPod Shuffle welcome button returns.* Small and exquisite shape.From the pictures released by Apple, the latest style is bigger than our thumb.Because of their multiple color palettes, they are the perfect fashion accessory.
* VoiceOver.
The voiceover button at the top of the latest iPod shuffle will tell you the title and artist of the song.It can speak in 25 different languages.* Playlists.The latest iPod shuffle allows us to sync all of these playlists to the iPod shuffle and play the mix to your liking.Genius is another great feature.With simple activation, this feature will help us find songs that sound great.
The latest iPod series has a lot of tempting features
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