apple airpods: 7 wireless headphones to buy that won’t cost you £159

by:CTECHi     2019-12-30
But while wireless headsets seem to be a sensation in the future, they \'ve actually been around for a long time-without a price tag of £ 120.
So, if you\'re thinking about buying an iPhone, but don\'t like to spend extra money on what some people call expensive gimmicks, here are seven alternative wireless headsets with many of the same features, but a fraction of the price.
These devices have now been reduced from £ 199, with noise isolation for both Apple iphone and Android, as well as for the built-in microphone and zip case.
They also fold up so they can easily be placed in your bag, and the ear pads covered with deep ear Wells, leather headband and velvet are very lightweight.
This mini Bluetooth earbud-usually costs £ 99.
99-bring one (
Like Apple\'s Airbuds. .
They have up to 60 minutes of talk time before they need to charge in the charger.
This allows for a total of six hours of talk time before the charging box needs to be charged.
In addition to the usual noise elimination and microphone functions, there is also the \"sweat-proof\" function.
Like Apple\'s AirPods, their battery capacity is between three and four hours.
The earbuds have a silicone earmuffs, so they are perfect for the gym, running, or walking out.
Also white.
This is usually 10.
99 but is currently on sale for £ 59. 99 on Amazon.
It is equipped with a sleek, cylindrical portable charger with a noise reduction microphone that is compatible with most iphone and Android devices.
Known as the world\'s smallest Bluetooth earbuds.
Remember, however, that there is only one.
It\'s a bit strange, frankly.
Compatible with most smartphones, with microphones and remote controls with volume control.
The main benefit is 14 hours
Value of battery life
The built-in rechargeable battery is 10 m away from the Bluetooth device.
OK, this has a wire in the head, but most importantly, it\'s not connected to your phone, which makes things easier.
Bluetooth wireless has 6 hours of battery life
Board microphone and removable flexible collar.
Headphones of different colors are usually £ 44. 99 but is .
At the low end of the budget (
But this is necessary if you need some wireless headphones for your new iPhone)is this.
They have about four to five hours of music time or five hours of talk time before they need to charge.
For iPhone, Android and most Bluetooth devices.
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