Analyze the processing materials and assembly prospects of lithium battery packs

by:CTECHi     2021-08-15

This article takes you to understand the prospects of lithium battery pack raw materials and assembly processing. With the rapid growth of the market, the domestic lithium battery pack equipment processing and assembly industry ushered in a big explosion. The production process of lithium batteries is divided into four process stages: pole piece production, cell assembly, cell activation detection and battery packaging. This article will take you to understand the prospects of lithium battery pack raw materials and assembly processing. Raw materials for lithium battery pack processing: There are many raw materials in the processing of lithium battery packs. The main materials of lithium battery packs mainly include: positive electrode material, negative electrode material, separator, and electrolyte. Lithium batteries are a new generation of green high-energy batteries with excellent performance and have become one of the focuses of high-tech development. At present, the supply of raw materials for lithium battery packs is sufficient, the production capacity of some products is sufficient, and the competition is fierce. The lithium battery industry is still hot. The raw materials for processing lithium battery packs generally have an overcapacity in the low-end and low-end products, and the supply of high-end products is in short supply. Among them, cathode materials, anode materials, and electrolytes have gradually become self-sufficient. As the technical barriers of anode materials and electrolytes are relatively low, the cost advantage of Chinese companies is obviously strong globally. 1. Cathode materials Among the cathode materials, the most commonly used materials are lithium cobaltate, lithium manganate, lithium iron phosphate and ternary materials (a polymer of nickel, cobalt and manganese). Cathode materials occupies a large proportion (the mass ratio of positive and negative materials is 3:1~4:1), because the performance of the cathode material directly affects the performance of lithium-ion batteries, and its cost directly determines the cost of the battery. Lithium battery pack cathode materials have a broad market, and the prospects are very optimistic. However, lithium battery cathode materials still have certain technical bottlenecks, especially its advantages of high capacity and strong safety performance have not been fully utilized. Chinese enterprises should strengthen the research and development of key technologies for cathode materials, gain an international leading position, enhance their core competitiveness, and gain advantages in international competition. 2. Anode materials Among the anode materials, the current anode materials are mainly natural graphite and artificial graphite. The anode materials being explored include nitrides, PAS, tin-based oxides, tin alloys, nano-anode materials, and other intermetallic compounds. As one of the four major constituent materials of lithium battery packs, the anode material plays an important role in improving the capacity and cycle performance of the battery, and is at the core of the middle reaches of the lithium battery industry. 3. The market-oriented diaphragm materials are mainly polyolefin diaphragms based on polyethylene and polypropylene. In the structure of lithium batteries, the diaphragm is one of the key inner components. The performance of the diaphragm determines the interface structure and internal resistance of the battery, and directly affects the capacity, cycle and safety performance of the battery. A diaphragm with excellent performance plays an important role in improving the overall performance of the lithium battery pack. 4. Electrolyte Lithium battery electrolyte is the carrier of ion transmission in the battery. It is generally prepared from high-purity organic solvents, electrolyte lithium salts, necessary additives and other raw materials under certain conditions and proportions. The electrolyte plays a role in conducting ions between the positive and negative electrodes of the lithium battery pack, which guarantees that the lithium ion battery can obtain the advantages of high voltage and high specific energy. Lithium battery assembly and processing prospects: The lithium battery assembly and processing market is more and more widely used, and the market share is also multiplying. For the current lithium battery market, power lithium batteries are the most widely used, and electric bicycles are the main means of transportation. Energy storage technology is a strategic support for the future transformation of energy structure and the transformation of power production and consumption patterns. Driven by the development and commercialization of energy storage technology, power lithium battery packs, as one of the protagonists of the new energy industry, will also usher in new opportunities for development. The large-scale development of energy storage will promote the extension and integration of the lithium battery assembly and processing industry chain, and promote the upstream, midstream and downstream of the power lithium battery industry to connect with capital, synchronize with the market, and achieve win-win cooperation. Lithium battery packs have the following advantages: ①The general service life is 5-8 years; ②Strong power and strong climbing ability; ③The specific energy is 150WH/kg; ④The weight is light. The weight of lithium in metal is very light; ⑤Environmental protection The upper lithium is not polluted; ⑥The self-discharge rate is low, less than 0.2% per day; ⑦No memory effect; ⑧Safe to use With multiple protections such as overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, etc., it is safe to use; ⑨The temperature range used is relatively wide -40 ℃ to 60. As people's daily life requirements for lithium batteries are gradually increasing, and the country attaches great importance to environmental protection and vigorously encourages the application of lithium batteries in the market, lithium batteries have experienced explosive growth, and the lithium battery pack market will be fully popularized.

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