Analysis on the development of lithium battery energy storage market

by:CTECHi     2021-07-15

Lithium battery energy storage market has huge potential, and lithium energy storage technology continues to mature. With the development of the new energy Internet, large-scale centralized renewable energy, distributed power generation and microgrid power generation, frequency modulation auxiliary services, etc. have a huge demand for energy storage lithium batteries. 2018 will be the starting point for the explosive commercial application of energy storage, and the lithium battery energy storage market is expected to usher in a stage of rapid development. In 2018, the lithium battery energy storage market is expected to usher in a stage of rapid development. 1. How big is the demand for lithium battery energy storage market? China's energy storage market is huge. The data from the China Energy Outlook 2030 released by the China Energy Research Association shows that the installed capacity of new energy will contribute 90% of the increase in energy consumption, with supporting energy storage devices The power is calculated according to 15% of the installed capacity of wind power and photovoltaics. By 2030, the demand for energy storage lithium batteries is expected to reach 850 million kWh. Calculated at a price of 1,200 yuan per kilowatt-hour energy storage system (lithium battery), China's wind and solar energy storage market The space is expected to reach 1 trillion yuan. In the next five years, the cumulative demand for energy storage batteries will be 68.05GWH. The global lithium battery energy storage industry still maintains a rapid development speed. In 2017, there were 156 new energy storage projects (including projects in operation, under construction, and planning) worldwide, and the installed capacity increased by 78% year-on-year. The rapid development of the energy storage industry is inseparable from the promotion of policies, especially the implementation of subsidies is an important energy to stimulate the development of the industry. In Europe, the United States and other countries, the energy storage industry has been included in the national strategic heights. These countries are continuously promoting innovation and Ru0026D in the energy storage industry through strong industrial policies and continuous investment. China's lithium battery energy storage market is expected to usher in rapid development stage. 2. Lithium battery energy storage technology continues to mature. Lithium battery energy storage technology is developing in the direction of large-scale, high efficiency, long life, low cost, and pollution-free. So far, in response to different fields and different needs, people have proposed and developed a variety of energy storage technologies to meet applications. Lithium-ion battery energy storage is currently the most feasible technical route. Lithium iron phosphate battery packs have relatively high energy density and strong endurance. With the application of lithium iron phosphate cathode materials, the life and safety of traditional carbon anode lithium-ion power batteries have been greatly improved, and they are preferred in the field of energy storage. . Due to the continuous maturity and innovation of new lithium battery material research and development and production technology, as well as the active participation of relevant scientific research institutions and industries, at low costs, lithium-ion batteries have significant advantages such as high specific energy, long cycle life, and green environmental protection. It has become the main supporting power source for various advanced energy storage products. 3. Application of lithium battery energy storage technology. Currently, the application fields of energy storage technology mainly exist in the following four aspects: First, the power supply side, its main function is to smooth the power fluctuation of new energy power generation, improve the quality of new energy power, and reduce waste light. And wind curtailment to improve the economic benefits of new energy power generation. The second is the power grid side, which participates in the frequency and voltage regulation or peak regulation of the power grid. As a black start power source, its regulation is fast and flexible. The third is the load side. The current peak-to-valley arbitrage is also a major product. It cuts peaks and fills valleys, shifts loads, improves equipment utilization, reduces demand for power supply capacity, and delays investment in distribution networks. The fourth is the microgrid, the two-way regulation of microgrid operation, and the indispensable compensation part of the microgrid island operation is the energy storage system. According to the current application fields, the three major areas of lithium battery energy storage are: large-scale wind and solar energy storage, backup power supply for communication base stations, and home energy storage. Among them, the field of backup power for communication base stations currently accounts for a large proportion. With the wave of 'energy homes' initiated by Tesla, household energy storage has more room for further development and expansion. Large-scale wind and solar energy storage does not seem to have a strong short-term momentum. Fourth, how to buy lithium battery energy storage power supply? First, look at the appearance, workmanship, size and craftsmanship of lithium battery energy storage power supply. Look at the appearance and workmanship from which aspects? We can look at the seams of the shell, whether the seams are wide, whether there are burrs, and whether there are greasy stains, whether it feels good to the touch, the advanced craftsmanship feels very good Comfortable, after polishing, the rubber oil polishing material not only has a good hand feel, but also has strong insulation properties. Second, choose the manufacturer, choose the brand. There are many domestic lithium battery energy storage power supply brands, but the quality is difficult to see from the appearance. In this case, you should do more homework before choosing, and check the manufacturer's information online. Energy Storage Electric is a lithium battery UPS manufacturer. It is trustworthy to use lithium batteries as energy storage power sources. 3. Look at the product parameters. The most important parameter of lithium battery energy storage power supply is the battery inside, and it is best to choose the power supply with lithium iron phosphate battery. This is the end of the introduction about lithium battery energy storage power lithium battery manufacturers. Lithium battery packs are widely used in small computer rooms, weak current rooms and other room sub-systems, new energy outdoor sites, communication base stations, indoor and outdoor non-air-conditioned sites, radio and television, military, Unmanned sites such as oil and weather.

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