Analysis - Boeing problems put spotlight on battery technology

by:CTECHi     2020-04-05
DETROIT/new york (Reuters )-
An electrical fire at Boeing
N) the new 787 Dreamliner is reviewing lithium-
Ion batteries are increasingly important components in aircraft and hybrid vehicles.
Japan Airlines (9201.
T) 787 a battery caught fire while parked on the ground in Boston on Monday, causing serious damage to the equipment compartment.
The smoke used to load when the plane takes off from the fire-
Because it is on the ground, smoke enters the cabin.
The use of new battery technology is part of the cost
Boeing says the Boeing 787, which uses old technology, Burns 20% less fuel than its rival jets.
Boeing uses electrical systems extensively on the 787, not traditional hydraulic equipment
This change reduces the weight of 78 7, but increases its complexity. Lithium-
If the ion batteries are overcharged, they will catch fire, and once they are on fire, they will be hard to go out because Mike Sinath, the chief engineer at Boeing 787, produces oxygen, speaking on a conference call with reporters on Wednesday.
Sinnett says engineers have designed multiple in-vehicle systems to prevent overcharging, sucking away smoke before the battery catches fire and the siphon reaches the cabin.
He\'s talking about lithium.
The ion battery is not the only option for the battery, but \"this is the right choice\" and \"knowing what I know now, I will make the same choice now.
\"Sinnett will not discuss the details of the Japanese airlines fire, which the National Transportation Safety Commission is investigating and does not know if the battery is faulty, which is by GS Yuasa Corp (6674.
T), the company said it was investigating.
Boeing did not consider using different battery technologies, Sinatra said.
The battery on fire is part of the auxiliary power unit, which is designed to provide power when the aircraft is on the ground.
The battery is about twice the battery of the car and has been extensively tested in the lab and in operation. “We’ve got 1.
\"These batteries run 3 million hours in flight, no problem,\" Sinnett said . \". TEST AND RE-
On lithium-ion batteries used in laptops and other electronics, automakers and other users face similar challenges.
\"It\'s always difficult to predict the level of safety precautions needed for new technologies,\" said Menahem anderson man . \" A battery consultant wrote in an email that he worked on the Boeing 777 battery system while working at Acme Electric.
\"One of the challenging design criteria that automakers are trying to address is whether it is necessary to ensure that if a battery is on fire, the fire does not spread to other batteries,\" he said . \".
While Dreamliner passengers may not be aware of lithium
The ion batteries inside the plane, the drivers of electric cars.
The automotive industry is increasingly inclined to use lithium-
Ion batteries, not cheaper, but heavier nickel-
The metal hydrogen battery used by Toyota Motor Corporation (7203. T) in its top-selling Prius.
General Motors (GM)
N), the largest U. S.
Car manufacturers, using lithium
Ion battery in Chevrolet Volt plug
In the hybrid, while its smaller U. S.
Ford Motor Corp.
N) use this technology in its green car, including the recently launched C-Max hybrid.
The technology is favored in the latest generation of such cars for the same reason that aircraft manufacturers are keen to use the technology --
The battery can be lighter, smaller, and maintain a longer capacity. Lithium-
The ion battery is about half the weight of nickel.
Metal hydrogen batteries.
At 2011, lithium-
Three weeks later in the United States, the ion battery pack in Volt caught fire. S.
Crash tests were conducted by safety regulators.
But after two
After a month of investigation, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has determined that Volt and other electric vehicles will not cause greater fire risks than gasoline.
Power car. Lithium-
Ion battery manufacturer A123 Systems was forced to recall battery packs made for the plug of Fisker Automotive
In last year\'s hybrid car, Karma.
A123 eventually went bankrupt due to manufacturing defects in the battery.
\"Because they are new and different, the fires of electric cars are causing more attention than petrol vehicles,\" said Tom Gage, a battery expert, his company, EV Grid, is dedicated to managing the way electric cars charge.
\"The standard is, are they as safe as gas tanks?
This is, of course, a goal they must strive.
There may not be enough data to determine their similar security record, he said.
GM is actively developing the technology at Volt, and the CEO\'s account has completed a 100 million-mile driving test.
GM Chief Executive Dan Akerson said on Wednesday that GM had tested the battery \"you won\'t believe it\" and was confident in its safety procedures.
He declined to comment on Boeing\'s battery use.
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